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9 hours ago, Monkeys Fist said:

There’s potential for a fuck-up here. :lol:

Those seahorses are gay. Limp wrists and holding hands. I’ll tell you what, the way things are going the male seahorses will be giving birth, never mind just menstruating 

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10 hours ago, Zathras said:

Discussing a rebrand, I saw these online and thought they weren't bad.  We'll see when they end up with a new crest, as I'm sure they will in the next few years.

 newcastle 8-min.jpgnewcastle 2-min.jpg


Meantime, I will probably go with the 70s crest, but if we win the Champions League I'll get Monkey's Fist's version on the other shoulder.  ;)



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13 hours ago, Alex said:

I liked that badge but always thought just having the one magpie was tempting fate with this club 


:lol: Let's face it we've had 40ish years of mainly crap luck.

That's a modern re-work of the early 80s badge. Wouldn't look too bad on the shirt mind you. 



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