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Best way to Bruge?

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Duno if its been mentioned but last time we played in Europe im sure u had to travel with th club to get tickets, so i'd wait for confirmation on that before booking


Nah you didn't. You could always apply for tickets and travel independently. We did that for all of them. Part of the application was telling them your travel plans though.


They did shaft people on one occasion though. For Breda, if you booked through the club you automatically got a match ticket included, regardless of your loyalty points. As we only got 1000 and Holland was/is hugely popular for euro jaunts, the club took nearly 600 of that, leaving people who'd booked their own trip to fight for around 400 tickets. Obviously you need a lot of points to get a ticket out of 400. Me and the old man were sound but loads of the lads missed out.


Cannit see this being a major problem for Bruges though mind, I think Birmingham got about 5000 for their game and by the time the club come up with owt most people will have sorted themselves out.

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I know someone who's put a charter plane on for Brugge with Sport Options. £255, leave Newcastle on the Wednesday morning, hotel included that night and fly home on the Thursday night after the match (apparently most if not all of the bars close on the Thursday after the match so it might not be much of a night out anyway).

Sounds like a canny option.

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Whats the damage mate?...is Fraser driving the train??!! :panic:

£148, train to Brussels via London, including Belgian train to Bruges from Brussels. Get there on wed night for about 9pm, check in, couple of pints then head off to Bruges the next day on the piss to take in the culture then hopefully see the game then head back to brussels about half ten/eleven stay overnight then head back on the 8.52 train on fri morning. Should be back in Toon for 2pm. Been quoted £94 for a room between us for both nights which is cheap as chips but might upgrade to better.

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We having a couple of hours in London (meeting up in normal boozer) then train to Bruge only a couple of hours before match on drink but by then we will mullered. Digs in Bruge. Next day leaving Bruge mid afternoon after priming the pm.


Leave london 20.00 friday night well watered

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A few beers last night convinced me that this is a brilliant idea.

Fish: "Hey Meenzer! I've had a couple of drinks and I think we should just fuck it and go to Bruges! What do you reckon? I think it'll be a great day!"


Meenzer: "Err, I'm washing my hair that day, Dave."


Fish: "I'll pipe down now."


Meenzer: "That'll be for the best, Dave."


Fish: "Maybe next time, eh?"


Meenzer: "........................................................................................................................."


Fish: "You still there, mate?"









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