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Club Tropicana (CT remix '18)   Let me take you to the place Where membership's Britain's disgrace Blue flag with lots of stars. Where strangers take you by the hand And welcome you

I remember a few people saying, some years ago when this was all kicking off, that maybe Brexit is what this country needs to finally move on from the Imperial past and embrace a global future. The fa

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6 hours ago, Rayvin said:


This is never a good basis for the forming of an opinion. It's the same as when people claim they're note going to vote Labour because people keep calling them stupid. Like, I understand that no one likes to be called stupid, but that's a really idk... insecure way of coming to a political position.


Also I mostly just wanted to share that image tbh, apologies if it offended ;) 

I did say partially

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21 minutes ago, ewerk said:

Aye, that’ll sort all the problems. Funny how restaurants are actually having to close rather than do that.


:lol: of course offering fair wages won't attract people to the industry. You wouldn't happen to be a business owner would you? How much do you pay staff?

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2 hours ago, TheGingerQuiff said:

I'm the only one with videos, I made sure I let him know as well

:lol: Of course you are. 

Billy Big Cock - *whips out phone 


Quiffs Ex- “ Mmmfffnnmmmmgh!”


Billy Big Cock - “Eh?”


Quiffs Ex- * unimpales herself …

” You can’t film us, I promised Quiff that only he would have vids of me”


Billy Big Cock- “ Oh, ok”…

*puts cock back in her throat…

“ Smile for the camera”


Quffs ex - “ Mmmmmfffnnnghhhnmmm!”

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10 minutes ago, TheGingerQuiff said:

:lol: nothing gets through on the pregabalin

Nothing gets up either, 

“ Pregabalin Side effects

mood changes

feeling sick

swollen hands, arms, legs and feet

blurred vision

for men, difficulties with getting an erection


It’s ok, Pele has your back :banana:

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7 hours ago, TheGingerQuiff said:


Easy. I'm sick of the whole carry on and want to see an end game yet all I see is people taking false positions to suit their argument.

For example, perhaps cheap Australian meat will give more impoverished kids access to meat.

But no. I wonder if Renton ever holidayed outside the EU. 


Have pulled this back in here because the CV thread isn't the place for it really.


See, I can understand that position to a point - but you do seem to be taking a lot of this personally. There's no endgame coming as far as I can tell, this is going to run on for quite some time yet (in my view, generations). And its worth noting that for leavers, this was a 40 year struggle. It's going to be the same the other way around now, I'm almost certain of it. So buckle in for the long term, especially if you're going to be this animated about it.


As for false positions, I do feel like there's a big misunderstanding of motive that leavers have when viewing remainers. I want, as I assume the rest of the people here do, what is best for this country. I'm not a farmer or a fisherman, but I still want those industries in this country to succeed. I am proud (or at least was) of the country I was born and raised in, and for me a lot of that came down to our international clout and success - especially when considering how small a country we are. While I wasn't proud of our imperial past, we were transitioning into something positive on the whole. What I see from Brexit is that we are hugely diminished and weakened. I see it as an act of traitors, and I really mean that. None of us have to be farmers to be annoyed that a British industry is going to be hurt by this.


Maybe you're right and the cheaper meat will allow impoverished children to afford it. However there's an inevitable standards issue there of course, so we need to look at why the Australians are cheaper. We also need to consider that this will likely cause a race to the bottom within the UK market as our own farmers struggle to compete - meaning a drop in standards for everyone and maybe our farms going out of business, thus impacting our sustainability in any future food crisis.


Alternatively we could have more equally distributed resources so that children living in poverty could afford British meat, stayed in the EU, and avoided the drop in standards. I don't personally think Brexit was the answer to that issue, I think a Labour government would have been.

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Mobile operator EE will charge new customers extra to use their mobile phones in Europe from January.

Those joining or upgrading from 7 July 2021 will be charged £2 a day to use their allowances in 47 European destinations from January 2022.

EE previously said it had no plans to reintroduce roaming charges in Europe.

It is the first UK operator to reintroduce the charges since the Brexit trade deal was signed at the end of December.

Since 2017, mobile networks in EU countries have not been allowed to charge customers extra to use their phones in other EU countries.

Thanks, Brexiters.

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