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First time I've been on here since I've been away, what awful news. Jon had exactly that perfect easy going charm and humour that has kept me coming to these boards for so many years. 31 is no bloody age whatsoever.


Fantastic job with the flowers Cath, well done for organising it an d to everyone for contributing. Sorry to have missed the boat with chipping in but can I still contribute to the fund that's going to charity Cath?

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I went to Jon's funeral this morning. Ironically I was sitting next to Interpolic from N-O without realising it was him!

It was a beautiful service and a total celebration on Jon's life. His best mate Stewart gave a humerous, emotional and very touching eulogy - the perfect tribute. Speaking of Jon's love for Newcastle United, his standing on the forums, the threads devoted to him both here and on N-O and the money raised for the flowers and in his name towards the SBR Foundation.

So many people there whose lives he touched - all united in grief and celebration. Might sound odd but I felt like I was somewhat invading their private moments but Newcastle United, the boards and the names Cajun & Gejon were spoken of so fondly.

So touching that the two items which adorned his coffin was a Newcastle United shirt, and the flowers in the shape of the shirt that Cath arranged. Briefly spoke to Stewart and Jon's Mum Naomi to offer condolences on behalf of everyone who knew him from both forums.

Stewart mentioned in the eulogy that a match was possibly being arranged in Jon's honour between the forums. If this does happen, he's asked me to let him know so that he and some of Jon's other mates can attend and play if they're able to do so. If anyone knows any information about this, please let me know.

He went into the chapel to 'The Circle Of Life', we heard 'Under The Bridge' and the committal was to 'Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word' - don't think I'll hear any of those songs again without thinking of you Jon. Rest easy mate, you will be very much missed.


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Two Elton John songs. If he was back on here for a day, that would be top of the agenda for me. ;)


Cheers for the update, Craig. Sounds like a well loved bloke.


I'm guessing they were his Mam's choice! :razz:


Under The Bridge was definitely penned as being his favourite.

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It's a great effort from both forums. Hats off to Cat, Craig & Interpolic for their efforts - I'm sure the family appreciated it a lot.


He spent a long time posting on these forums - 10 years or so? So it's fitting that both are represented & represented so well.

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I think the match is just an NO thing btw, rather than cross-forum, so might be worth mentioning over there if his mates want to get involved.


Anyone will be welcome. It'd be great to see some of the lads from here as well if anybody is up for it.

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