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  1. The Cricket Thread

    He has gone back to playing BBL and bowling well. For all the faults that the ECB have the same can be said for Cricket Australia. Some players are pigeon holed for some reason.
  2. The Cricket Thread

    Congrats on the win. The batting your lot did in the last 5 overs or so made the difference in the end. Only watched the first 10 overs of our innings and when Warner and White were dismissed I knew we were in an uphill battle to win. The pool looked too good to refuse after that. We have the players to win but not the correct team selections or tactics. The way you played particularly in Melbourne took us by surprise and we responded poorly thereafter. Nice to see your lot have something to cheer tbh
  3. The Cricket Thread

    That being said, this pitch is slow and grippy and 300 is a good score. Your spinners should be effective in this. Battlers will need to force things as the ball softens up. Baffles me why we don't play Lyon. Playing him here was a no-brainer.
  4. The Cricket Thread

    I wouldn't say crushed. 303 is a very reachable target. I will be switching between this and the tennis tonight.
  5. The Cricket Thread

    Easy to say when you have a decent team playing in that format. ODI's aren't a fan's favourite because of the middle overs being perceived to be tedious and boring. Younger generations have a shorter attention span.
  6. The Cricket Thread

    A very good side. The summer of cricket here was getting very boring let me tell you. Nice to see the poms pick up a few consolatory accolades on their tour here.
  7. VAR... really??

    Saying that adjudicators, human, aren't necessary in any sport let alone cricket is daft. Have a word.
  8. VAR... really??

    Too early to say that it is beneficial. Has been used over here in Australia and it has had its teething problems. Farcical at times but I guess FIFA use us as guinea pigs because we aren't a big player in the world. There are positives but the stoppages in play that I have seen have turned off people here, not a country to turn people off football for these reasons. Other things to do and other sports to watch.
  9. The Cricket Thread

    He should re-join England's ODI squad immediately in Australia and replace one of Woakes or Moeen in the starting team. I am assuming that the ECB told him that he would come back for the NZ tour 2 months ago so he had been preparing for that eventuality.
  10. Gout

    I have private health insurance but we also have something similar to the NHS that being Medicare.
  11. Gout

    Well, he told me I had a high level of uric acid amongst other things, I guess it wasn't the priority at the time. He also told me I had high blood pressure, a cholesterol problem and that I was in the mid to high category group of a chance of having a heart attack. So he gave me medication for the cholesterol, I went vegan for nearly a year and I started kickboxing. I am not overweight, I never have been but it goes to show what inactivity and bad diet can do. Yeah, I will go to my GP shortly for a full checkup again.
  12. 10 years already is it? Fuck me, time flies when you're having fun.
  13. Gout

    Sorry to hear about your plight. i probably should see a doctor shouldn't I? Last time I had a blood test which was 4 years ago it came up with high uric acid levels. So I know it isn't a question of if but when I will get it considering my father and my grandfather suffers periodically, and had suffered from gout. Don't really want to have a blood test at the moment because I know it won't read well given what I put my liver through over the festive season if you know what I mean. I ate shitloads of seafood and pate, things that spark an onset too. I'm doing a dry January and treating my body with respect now so I might wait a bit until I go for a proper checkup.
  14. Gout

    Well I hope that was all it was. I've never felt that much pain before, even after a first session of kickboxing after a long layoff have I ever experienced that kind of pain. It was just random, out of nowhere while I was sleeping.
  15. Gout

    I was wondering that. Most get it in their toes, and it involves redness and swelling. I didn't get that. I knew that Indomethacin was merely an anti-inflammatory so very little side effects but me dad took convincing to give it to me. Another problem it appears...

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