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  1. We will get the players that are required under Howe. I had faith in him from the beginning it will follow through with me.
  2. He is a dickhead looking for twitter likes and idiots to follow him. I did quote this no-nothing in January because he was a joke and he was a laugh particularly because Wykiki had a man crush on him and took his word for gospel
  3. Ken

    Yes Gemmill...

    Test average of 40. Never lost a WC game and he played in 2. It looks like he tried to avoid an animal on the road the caused his car to flip. Always loved him commentating on our BBL league. It isn't good but his personality and knowledge made it interesting. Asked for a pay cut from his TV duties so that he could go fishing more.
  4. Ken

    Yes Gemmill...

    His two blueys (blue cattle dogs) were with him when he died. They wouldn't let first responders get to him to assist.
  5. Ken

    Yes Gemmill...

    He was born in England, so yeah, he could have played for your lot. But he was as Aussie as an Aussie can be. It was never going to happen.
  6. Ken

    Yes Gemmill...

    It has been such a shocking last couple of months for Australian cricket fans. Both Warnie and Roy are part of my generation as a fan and ofcourse they are part of the greatest generation that they have played in.
  7. Can you ask your mate Sean Casey?
  8. No smell. No incident.
  9. No she drenches the sheets everytime I go Iin for her. Yes I am good Fisty.
  10. When I first went there 7 years ago I asked my lasses cousin to go by bintang. He came back with these cans of non alcoholic bintang cans which I demanded he take back and get a refund
  11. Bintangs are hard to find on Lombok. You need to be in the know otherwise consider going there a spiritual experience
  12. My lass bought me Well no she didn't but she happened to own a house and land in Lombok. The house needed a bit of renovating though. My life moving forward involves spending the warmer months in Sydney and the colder months in Lombok and Gili.
  13. I am the same. I have been in Lombok for a month. Always watching bro
  14. The bloke obviously thinks he's important and he thinks people are out to get him
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