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Kinda ruining his negotiating position there.


So from loan sharks to gambling sites. Not much of a forward move in the morality stakes. Still, morality doesn't put players on the pitch.

entertainment on the same level as loan sharks. where do you stand on alcohol prohibition? :razz:

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gambling addiction is very unfortunate, as is alcoholism, but I don't blame the drink industry for that.


I make a lot of my money off gamblers, so I'm hardly going to be on the fence on this topic, but gambling addiction is something that genuinely concerns me.


sounds like you are gambling responsibly anyway, or you're at least aware you're a drunken Irish degenerate.

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:dunno: Breweries, gambling industry , banks/payday loan efforts, this is who sponsors most teams, Look how many teams bwin have sponsored recently, big teams as well like madrid and milan.


Nature of the beast, people like betting on sports or having a drink while they watch them, unless you're not going charge for sponsorship and hoof a charity on your kit it's 90% likely it'll be a morally questionable sponsor no matter what the sport, look at F1 it's probably the worst for it.

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