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28 minutes ago, Ayatollah Hermione said:

What’s possessed Jason Isbell to go to Stockton?! Was literally everywhere else fully booked?




No idea, but I know the Globe got a big refurbishment done recently and is quite posh now.  Still in Stockton though...

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On 20/02/2023 at 02:30, sammynb said:


Saw Carcass here in Sydney in the early 90s with a mate who is the guitarist in a well know Australian stoner band and it was one of the weirdest gigs I’ve been too.

As someone who was use to pogoing and moshpits, everyone at the Carcass gig seemed to have their own personal space that no one else was allowed in.

I don’t remember anyone even bugging my mate, which at the time was weird as they had just toured as the support for Nirvana - strange folk those grindcore fans!

Carcass were great btw.


I see they're playing in Camperdown NSW next Saturday which looks like your neck of the woods. I caught them in Glasgow around this time last year and they in were great form. Bill is still rocking heavily downtuned LP speacials and somehow getting away with it. 

Got given a vinyl copy of Torn Arteries today and while its far from my faveourite Carcass record I gave it another blast and felt compelled to check if they were touring. Wrong side of the world for me, bought High on Fire tickets instead. 

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