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As PFA chief in the 60s he helped abolish the £20 per week maximum wage for footballers. Every single one of todays over hyped millionaires should give huge thanks for the life he led. Invented 3 points for a win. Chairman of Coventry City. Also cheeky anti Scottish fuckwit who called David Narey's wonder goal v Brazil at the World Cup in Spain 82 a "toe poke". My old man to this day despises the big chinned prattish




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Good bit about Hill in Paul Cannell's book about some dodgy insurance avoiding in his time in the USA, reckons he was wanted for arrest and got out of the country sharpish. Any Mag who hasn't read 'fucking hell it's Paul Cannell' and who has a sense of humour wants their arses punched as Budgie once said. (It's cheap as chips too).

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I remember him (and Lynam) being properly gutted when Sir Les scored that last-minute equaliser against Chelsea in the Cup. They cut back to the studio and it was like someone had died. Chin like a slapped arse.

Something like "Ferdinand did nothing all day and then scored an equaliser in injury time and he's supposed to be a good player - rubbish" oslt - one of the reasons I mentioned.


He was also a huge advocate of fences. We went to Coventry in 84 and he'd slapped seats on a shit terrace and then built a horrendous fence in front of it which meant you could only see a small part of the pitch by standing. Being west Midlands policed standing was an arrestable offence. He played the fans champion well on TV but his actions off it were frequently against our interests.

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