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That was Chuck Berry

Ferry cross the Hearse-y, more like

Sucked his cock too.

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5 minutes ago, strawb said:

I really like the theory that Pele was a fraud, but I’m miles too young to have seen him play

I reckon half of Pele’s goals were made up tbh :lol: 

Like his “greatest ever” 


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I remember watching the quarter final against England in 86 as an 11 year old. I was with my dad and his brother and it was either at Blue Flames or what was the Ministry sports ground (now the Newcastle training ground) with a room full of people, all wanting England to win. Mainly I guess what you’d call everyday working class lads, probably with little love for Maradona or Argentina. And when he scored the second goal people just spontaneously applauded. 

Terry Fenwick should’ve brought him down like. 

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6 minutes ago, Isegrim said:

I remember watching this on TV as a kid when he was warming up when Naples played Stuttgart in the UEFA cup. We all tried to copy it in training for ages.

That fucking tune though 

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3 hours ago, Alex said:

Absolute genius tbh. I think him and Pele, in the 20th century anyway, were just at a different level to all the other greats like Cruyff, Best, Platini and so on. RIP

Never saw Pele or Cruyff actually play other than the famous old highlight reels so I struggle to compare those but of every player I’ve ever watched on TV in a live game, no one caught the imagination like Maradona. Maybe it was being a kid in the 80s and because it was the first World Cup I remember watching. 

The cheating cunt denied England a World Cup semi final but every kid at school wanted to be Diego. 


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