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FA Cup 4th Round - Chelsea (or Norwich) v Newcastle


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Oh well, we got to the 4th round I suppose.

Fucking Ferdinand the duck lip bastard

If we got through it would be our first time in the 5th round since Mike Ashley bought us!


Liverpool v West Bromwich Albion
Peterborough United v Fleetwood/Leicester
Huddersfield Town v Birmingham City
Notts County v Wolves/Swansea City
Yeovil Town v Manchester United
Carlisle/Sheffield Wednesday v Stevenage/Reading
Cardiff City /Mansfield Town v Manchester City
MK Dons v Coventry City
Millwall v Rochdale
Southampton v Watford
smoggies v Brighton & Hove Albion
Bournemouth/Wigan v Shrewsbury Town/West Ham
Hull City v Nottingham Forest
Newport County v Spurs
Norwich City/Chelsea v Newcastle United
Sheffield United v Preston North End

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BBC presenter: ".....and just before we start the fourth round draw here's some numbers to look out for, Man United are 12, Chelsea are 23, Liverpool are 28, Giant killers Newport are 39, some other div 3 team are 45 if they get through their replay with a championship club and we won't bother telling you any other cunts numbers because frankly, we couldn't give a fuck."

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12 minutes ago, Tdansmith said:

Spurs away would be my choice.

A massive away support guaranteed and at Wembley.  What's not to like about that..apart from getting knocked out the cup of course. 

Mostly the last bit, mate.

1. Sheffield United

2. Watford

3. Birmingham City

4. Liverpool

5. Brighton or Crystal Palace

6. Peterborough

7. Bournemouth or Wigan

8. Coventry

9. Newport County

10. Huddersfield

11. Yeovil

12. Nottingham Forest

13. Notts County

14. MK Dons

15. Manchester United

16. West Brom

17. Rochdale

18. Tottenham

19. Middlesbrough

20. Fleetwood or Leicester

21. Hull

22. Cardiff or Mansfield

23. Manchester City

24. Shrewsbury or West Ham

25. Wolves or Swansea

26. Stevenage or Reading

27. Newcastle

28. Millwall

29. Southampton

30. Preston

31. Norwich or Chelsea

32. Carlisle or Sheffield Wednesday


I'd be happy enough with 24 of the teams that could be in the 4th round.


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Just now, rogerbarton said:

I guess Chelsea could get complacent and put out a second string (like they did against Norwich). But realistically the dream's over when it had only just begun.

The Champions League might be a big distraction to them, a large travelling support roaring us on, you never know.


Aye, ok I'll get my coat.

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