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I watched a Marvin Gaye documentary on Sky instead of this, which, incidentally, had more shots on target. 

If you watched the Liverpool match yesterday you will have seen just how important a good (exceptional in their case) manager is.  They were without Van Dyke, Alexander Arnold, Gomez, Thiago, Henderso

You just know that when Steve Bruce says 'I make no excuses' that he's milliseconds away from trying to make an excuse.

3 minutes ago, Chaser said:

When does this rubbish end? Choices below


1. When Brucey goes

2. When the fans come back

3. When Ashley goes

4. When we turn off the TV.

5. When the ”big 6” let us.


Short term I've elected 4. It'll do for now. 

Brucey is gannin neewhere soon.Nee crowds in so nee stick for Brucey.Nee searching questions put to Brucey by the media.We’re stuck with him and his nee attacking football and shit defending.

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