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Interesting quotes from Dyer...


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It all began when United played Rangers at St James' Park pre-season in the Newcastle-Gateshead Cup.



"Laurent Robert was injured and obviously needed to come off," he explained.



"So at half-time the gaffer asked a certain player - I'll not name him to embarrass him - to play on the left wing. That player yelled: `I'm not a left winger. No way'. Everything went up and the row went on for the whole 15 minutes.



"The buzzer went for us to go back out and it still wasn't resolved, so I piped up and said I'd play out there.



"I thought the whole business would be sorted out in private, but nothing was said and the culprit got away with it.



"He'd done what I was to be publicly accused of doing. Only no one knew."




The starting 11 was:














Ambrose was already off then for Brittain....



So, who was it? My stab in the dark would say Bowyer, perhaps he thought the left wing would mean him being too far away from London? B)

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Only one player there who'd have the nerve to yell at Bobby and cause a 15 minute row without backing down. Dyer also says it's one rule for some and another for others in that interview, I think that rules out Bowyer.







Shearer! B)

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no, it wouldn't be Bellamy, Dyer specifically states that it was something this player did privately and Dyer 's behaviourt was public. We all knew about Bellamy refusing to play on the wing, bitching and moaning about it. I reckon it's Bowyer.

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Why is Dyer telling us all this now ?


If he had turned up and played for even 50% of the times he's supposed to have been playing, I may have had some sympathy for him, likewise it's difficult to take seriously such claims from a player, that he would play "anywhere" who treated the CAPTAINS armband like a piece of dogshit.


Having said that, not everyone is a complete bonehead like Souness, if he plays the way he did on Saturday for all of next season, and scores the winner in the FA Cup Final I might just forgive him !!!

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