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Really- is it me or does that pic just not look right? Not talking about her arse (nice btw) but her head just doesn't look right where it's set. Yeh yeh yeh I know- you lads don't even look any farther.... ;)

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I get ripped for reading comics, for still being infatuated with an ex, I get ripped for the large number of girls that I have had "relations" with, I get ripped for being really good mates with my dad.


but then I rip everybody about everything, I am impossibly masoginistic and revel in awkward silences... I fucking love them....


so alls fair I suppose

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Supporting Newcastle.


Owning black ash furniture many years ago.


Trading my Mk2 MR2 in for an MG ZR B)


Being so darn sexy.


... oh and either quoting or posting directly after Shearergol. I'm not stalking you honest! ;)

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For supporting Newcastle united "the premiership's comedy football team" as I'm continuously reminded.


For loving all things Star Wars


For being a computer geek (all though I'm nothing compared to most here)


For having a "bus instead of a real car"

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