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Slaphead Erik Ten Nonce’s Spawny Red VAR Devils v Sexy Eddie's Swashbuckling Geordie B Squad

Holden McGroin

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4 minutes ago, PaddockLad said:

Thought Coley looked well too, did he have a kidney/liver transplant or did I just imagine that? 🤔


You can imagine him being tricky to handle as a player because he obviously says what he thinks and doesn’t give a fuck who it upsets, but that makes him a decent pundit too :cuppa:

Cole had a kidney transplant. You might also be thinking of Kieron Dyer as he had a liver transplant 

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8 minutes ago, Gemmill said:

Aye I thought he was pretty good. Slight mishap when he couldn't decide if the cup draw ball was a 6 or a 9, but otherwise couldn't fault him.

"Is it this way?"


Followed by the sarkiest


"Well considering there are only 8 teams left..."


Made me laugh way harder than it had any right to

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7 hours ago, NJS said:

"they counter-attacked the fuck out of us" was my favourite. 

That far east Asian character was a picture. He looked like he has jizzed himself under the desk for the 3rd..the white lads looked like a bunch of accountants trying to look like cool football fans......

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