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I swear that one belongs to a certain Liverpudlian comedian that we both appear to be stalking at the moment, Fishie..... It's so VERY him. And it IS good.


My favourite saying at the moment is... umm... I dunno, really. I probably shouldn't really have bothered replying to this thread then, should I? Oops.

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Instead of asking what kind, color, size, channel, etc. I now just ask "What Flavour?"


"I saw this cracking car,

Oh really? what flavour?"


for example.


When I'm leaving I now say, "Lets blow this popsicle stand"


When I get bored or just don't want to listen I've taken to putting my hand up and declaring "I'm busy" but only when I'm blatantly not at all busy

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'you can stick your fuckin treble up your arse.' as a general get fucked to anyone who deserves it.


taken from chant in wembley pub, FA cup final on my birthday 1999, if only those devil swine hadn't stuck that chant down our throats. Met another geordie in same pub and it was his birthday too, we were convinced that fate and destiny MUST be ours. 'bastard bastard twat.' that's another one.

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