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Ameobi eyes World Cup place

Scottish Mag

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Shola Ameobi is hoping goals for Newcastle United can give him a chance to impress for England.


The Nigeria-born ace, who is yet to feature in The Premiership due to suspension, is setting lofty targets this season.


Ameobi is hoping to get the nod by Sven Goran Eriksson for friendlies and will use those games to secure a place on the plane to Germany next summer.


"I want to push on and get in the World Cup squad," explained Ameobi. "You have to aim high and that's what I'm doing.


"If I play well this season and bang a few goals in, I'll have a chance of playing in a few friendlies and that's what I'm looking for.


"I really need to show people what I can do. I view this season as a massive one for me. The World Cup's at the end of it and I'm aiming to get there.


"I want to get in that squad and to do that I've got to play well for Newcastle United and score goals. That's my main priority - to score goals."

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One of the things that annoys me about Shola is why he can't transfer his off the pitch attitude onto the pitch.


Away from games he seems confident, backs himself and is always talking himself up and saying what he'll do etc. As soon as he plays he looks like lost child, with no confidence and doesn't back himself to score at all!

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Here's us all going "Oh fuck we're going into the season with only Ameobi as a genuine replacement for Shearer", and you've got Shola going "I reckon I can make the world cup squad next year".


Talk about being out of touch with anything even remotely resembling reality.

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to be fair he did manage to match big noses goal tally last season - 2 premiership goals



The worrying thing is though, if you give Shearer's pens to Shola (and he scores them) he would have 5 to Shearer's 4, and thats our current strikeforce!!!

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