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  1. He's 50/50 with Son for Spurs' player of the season
  2. Fenerbache is trying to get a loan deal, while Spurs insist on the inclusion of an obligated purchase clause. Think they want £10m. It's my understanding that Newcastle has come with a bit lower bid that has been turned down, could turn into something, Newcastle at least monitoring the situation.
  3. Think it's more, 75 or so. Bentaleb (16), Fazio (3.5), Clinton N'Jie (6), Luke McGee (something)
  4. With Spurs having a few injuries he might actually start this weekend, very good in the 2-0 victory against Juventus.
  5. Bentaleb is injured, like he's been for most of the season. Against Chelsea Christian Eriksen took Alli's spot in the middle, while Son played wide. Most likely: Kane Son - Eriksen - Lamela Dier - Mason
  6. Can play several positions, in recent years mostly used as an inverted right winger (cut inside and shoot, powerful if inaccurate shots) At youth level he was more of a traditional left winger, when it was more popular to have wide men keep width and deliver crosses. He's also played a handful of first team games as left back, mostly in Europa League. His best position if the team can afford it is probably a free central role like Steve McManaman used to have. Townsend is a two feeted dribbler that can go both left and right. At QPR he sat an all time Premier League record playing like this, as the player with most succesful number of dribbles in a PL game.
  7. Being said on both MK Dons and Spurs forum that Tottenham is coming in for him as well
  8. Could be some misunderstanding here, that he meant he's not looking for the old style of a british manager, that he'll go for the more continental model of having a head coach. Not so much the nationality of the new man in charge.
  9. I like Rosler, overall he's done well at every club he's been at, just had a poor start to the season and the club owners didn't back him through a rough time. Not sure what happened at Wigan, but it certainly didn't get better after he left - Malky Mackay took over and has 1 win, 1 draw, 4 losses. Rosler had prior to his sacking turned their results somewhat and made them difficult to beat, 6 games unbeaten before they fell back into two straight losses and Dave Whelan panicked. Season before he had turned Wigans results around when he took over half way into the season, took them from mid table to 5th while also beating Crystal Palace, Cardiff and Manchester City on their FA cup run untill Arsenal got the better of them in semi final penalty shoot out.
  10. As long as there's room within the 25 man squad rule, any player that was out of contract when previous transfer window closed can be signed and registered to play. How many of those are around though? Emergency loan deal for Brad Friedel wouldn't be the worst thing to do. Or perhaps Mourinho fancy Petr Cech to improve the odds for Newcastle against Man Utd
  11. Think it's Andrea Carnevale on the bottom left and Giuseppe Giannini on the bottom right
  12. Agree that Newcastle at least should keep up with those clubs spending yes, really no excuse not to spend £20m net this summer as that is the increase clubs get from tv rights. I know Ashley has lost money on this project, but he have to make sure the club is doing well in the Prem and is attractive if he intend to sell the club. He won't get the money he's after from location that's for sure
  13. 5 years is a long time, they've been better in that periode. 10 years ago is for the history books, Newcastle was even in Champions League back then, can't live on that forever. They are as said bankrolled by their owner, and yes has little support. But their team has been solid since Hodgson saved them from relegation back in 2008. People in the stands doesn't matter as much as it used to, due to tv money and owner input.
  14. They are bankrolled, but in sporting terms they've been stronger for years. Fulham: 12th - 9th - 8th - 12th - 7th Newcastle: 16th - 5th - 12th - division below - 18th Not sure Fulham will improve much under the new owner, think it will be more a case of them being able to keep up with the level they've been at in recent years.
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