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  1. Other Games 18/19

    Just watching psg vs metz game. some beautiful football by some of the best players in the world; mbappe, neymar, cavani. but guess who goes and ruins the party, the one and only emmanuel riviere with his debut goal!
  2. Huddersfield v Newcastle United 04/03/2017

    im sure there's one or two from them we could take up with us . that ízzy Brown fella looked half decent.
  3. Other games 16/17

    make that 2 down
  4. gouff looking half decent up front. Have we missed a trick not playing him there earlier?
  5. Swansea City V NUFC / 3PM KO

    As bad as that game was, hopefully there were a few learning points for mclaren. Some of which were already pointed out by posters on here. 3 Main points for me. Janmaat was playing well offensively just finding it difficult to contain montero. His first yellow was unnecessary and second was just down right stupid. I thought mbemba done well to control montero apart from the time they scored the goal. You can't just expect him to switch positions and totally control a player full of confidence and with no support from team mates. And here comes my first point, the main reason we were exposed time and time again down that right, was because that bstard obertan left us exposed so many times without providing anything up front. He misplaced passes so many times and if this continues our new boys will give up making runs because they know only 1 out of 20 will come to them. Controversially, If I had this crop of players at my disposal, I would play janmaat right wing, drop obertan and play mbemba full back. Taylor and colo central (I know both slow and vulnerable) but I genuinely feel 70% of our deficiencies are down to obertan and drastic measures are needed to correct them. 1. Light bulb needs to start on bench next game. Mitrovic made his presence felt as soon as he came. Mclaren should have started him. The yellow card he got was an absolute joke. That ref was over excited about the players reputation and was biased in all his decisions against him. 2. Mitrovic needs to start next game. With or without cisse is for debate. Colback and anita. Starting them 2 was suppose to sure up the defence away from home. But all it did was invite pressure and make us start the game on the back foot . Both played too deep in my opinion. 3. Either one of them needs to be pushed further up or be dropped. Why put on rolando when we're down to 10 men and got none of the ball. Such an exciting talent being told to just Chase the ball. Overall, lots of things to learn. Even if we lose against manure, we atleast need to put in a better performances
  6. Just staying positive. If boro and fulham can have such good runs, why cant we. Just need pardew to fire the players up before each game, so that they know what a trophy would mean to the fans.
  7. Still hasnt sank in. Only three more teams to beat and we have a cup after a 44 year wait. Just three more. We can do it. Lets go out there for this next game with no fear and really get at them .
  8. Lol i dont post much on here but id say im reading the forum every other day for a few years now. Theres no doubt stevie brings some zing and life to the forum but theres a line. You should have some respect for authority and forum admin. Id say hes the balotelli of the forum. As much as you hate the cunt he does liven the place up. Lets hope his ban gives him time to reflect lol
  9. Some more good news

    Apologies if this has been mentioned already. Just been doing some research online and worked out that ramadhan wont affect Ba & Cisse's performance next season because..... the season wont have started! Thats right, Just checked the dates online and ramadhan officially starts on the 20th of July and ends around the 17th of August. Premier league season 12/13 doesnt start until 18th of august, meaning our boys will be ready to kick some ass. Surely a good sign of thing to come? All we need now is for the ACON to be cancelled next season because of some malaria scare (i joke, ofcourse) but God i do wish it didnt come round so often, its a real bite in the ass (thats not another malaria joke btw).
  10. Some more good news

    True but we could always play shola and best up front for those games. Then unleash the dembas as soon as they open their fast at half time. Boom!
  11. I know after watching that youre thinking how is it even possible to see any positives. But if we put the knee jerk reactions to one side and look at the bigger picture, these are some positive points ive squeezed out: 1) We're still 6th and way ahead of any prediction made at the start of the season by both fans and pundits. 2) We lost this game missing the pacemakers of our team. Im not saying tiote and cabaye would have meant we won but we might have had a chance. Dont forget spurs are still within an outside chance of winning the title. 3) Williamson and simpson were at fault for the majority of their goals - this is a positive as it means less players at fault and hopefully if defense is addressed at the next transfer window, it would significantly help improve the team. 4) i think today is the day that pardew has finally realised what the fans already knew about obertan. This will have a big impact on future games. 5) Mackems also lost and deservedly so. They looked shite. 6) fans kept supporting players even when we were 5 0 down. Credit to the support today. Hopefully these obvious positives will lessen the pain of today's defeat. We havent become a bad side after one game. Howay the lads!
  12. The No. 10.

    That made me chuckle. But i bet its not too far from the truth.
  13. Other games

    Bale who has been quiet all game just scores a cracker. Thats football 4 u
  14. ACON Sweepstake

    Angola fuckin hell. Probably the team i know least about. Only positive thing working in my favour is that the coach apparently asked jose mourinho on who to select and wat tactics to employ, as jose's wife was born in angola. Viva Palancas Negras!
  15. ACON Sweepstake

    5 please
  16. Papiss Demba Cisse

    Anyone know when we are expecting marveaux to return back from injury?
  17. Fulham vs Newcastle

    They were dire against rovers. I was at that game and they practically played the whole game with 10 men. Kean had a game plan, which was to get dunn to mark murphy. It crippled them and rovers won 3 -1. Btw yakubu is out serving his red card. He wont be playing against us when we play rovers. Thats a big big plus for us. He holds as much importance as ba does to us.
  18. Top man. Good feedback from your earlier post.
  19. The No. 10.

    I don't think that's too far fetched. Four for me to really compete with a fantastic first 11 Krul New Taylor Coloccini Santon New Tiote Cabaye New M Ba New Id say ur right but id include a fit ben arfa in there. Maybe ive been watching the highlights of the everton game too much, but boy did he look class. Every time he touched the ball he would skin about 3 everton players. A performance that was down to pure ability. i dont like to say i told you so, but i told you so. this was just before the rovers game. But guys, doesnt feel good to be a Newcastle supporter. Havent felt this good for some time. Long may it continue!
  20. Leagues top two scorers both muslims. Now thats a headline you wont see in the papers. We all know about ba but not so long ago it was said that van persie had converted. I know he has a muslim wife who came out and said his religion can impact on his support so he has to be careful. Which points towards him being an undercover muslim. Also anyone else notice Ba's celebration. He prostrates, with his knees and head touching the floor. Quite a common celebration amongst muslim sportsmen, especially in cricket. Any other decent muslim players?
  21. Davide Santon signs a 5 year deal with Newcastle United

    Imagine we had kept carroll & enrique. Santon on the right enrique on left Carroll and ba up front arfa cabaye tiote colo. Absolutely mental team
  22. Demba Ba

    What a cunt. When other clubs talk about his players like modric and bale he moans and throws a strop and yet hes quick to discuss other teams' players.
  23. Sorry typing from phone. Sometimes it auto capitalises (is that even a word). That reminds me, even though its the wrong thread to ask, but a question to the admin, whenever some1 pastes a youtube link it seems to disorientate the whole mobile page layout of the forum. Not just on my phone but others too. Anyway to fix it?
  24. Newcastle United - Manchester United 3-0

    I don't think that's too far fetched. Four for me to really compete with a fantastic first 11 Krul New Taylor Coloccini Santon New Tiote Cabaye New M Ba New Id say ur right but id include a fit ben arfa in there. Maybe ive been watching the highlights of the everton game too much, but boy did he look class. Every time he touched the ball he would skin about 3 everton players. A performance that was down to pure ability.

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