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  1. I laugh whenever Sky advertise THE GRAND RETURN of Monday Night Football like anyone missed watching a shite game of football on a Monday night. That advert celebrating 20 years of Andy Gray pushing poker chips up and down the wings pisses me off no end. The adverts about them bigging up Sky Sports News in HD pisses me off. I don't really care about a news channel in HD, especially if it's going to cost more money.
  2. Difficult to say anything good about any player that doesn't try in a game. Especially a frog. I wouldn't say "try", but good managers accept and manage different personalities in all walks of life. Bobby Robson got performances out of him and Keegan have done too. You know there are plenty of poor managers out there, and many players who perform better for some managers than others. That's just the way it is. Did he actually play any games under Robson? If he did it'll be like 4 at the most.
  3. my other half

    That's right, you Englandish folk only get 6 weeks off I got 14 Maybe having less time off from Education would have served you better? To be fair I think they're at school until 18, whereas we can leave at 16.

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