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  1. Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER

    Trying to buy tickets for Saturday and the website keeps trying to put me in L7H . Fair enough if it’s sold out but it’s odd that the club’s selling away tickets on the normal site I thought away clubs usually sold their own.
  2. Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER

  3. General Random Conversation..

    Moving to Tyneside next month. Do I have to apply for the Stevie seal of approval of does I my come through the door automatically on moving in?
  4. Politics

    How wouldn't it give a better representation of the will of the majority? If a coalition government represents 49.5% of the population then it's a darn sight better than the 36.5% the Conservatives have now. 36.5% of the (voting) population equalling a majority is a massive issue. One issue is the idea that the word coalition is automatically an evil word. 'Well I'd rather keep FPTP because it equals a strong government'. Why? Coalition governments can work, as was proved (rightly or wrongly) after 2010. It brings extra checks and balances, allows a higher percentage of voters to have an actual voice and (if an extreme case of PR has been used) means every vote actually contributes directly to the outcome of the election. What's not to like?
  5. Premier League shake up

    I know what you mean. Take the 1981-82 European Cup for example. Instead of being in a first round group stage with less credible teams like FC Barcelona, AC Milan or Borussia Dortmund, Aston Villa had to beat the true heavyweights Valur in the first round.
  6. Tom

    Happy birthday pal!
  7. New Strips?

    Usually shite shirts have a certain charm but that things just disgusting.
  8. General Random Conversation..

    glad you're okay man.
  9. Cleetoonfan!

    Cheers! 21 now and I was here in sixth form. Decent shift.
  10. NUFC Pictures - from days of old.

    That's class. Weird to think it was just a few months before I was born and all, looks like a different world.
  11. Other Games Other Games

  12. Other Games Other Games

    Gonna be a fun few days for the 800 Gateshead fans tbf!
  13. Other Games Other Games

    Any of you part of this embarrassing Gateshead crowd full of pretend fans?
  14. The History Thread

    About to finish a history degree, so will always thank the subject for getting me into McDonalds.
  15. The PS4 Thread

    We got a psn username list or anything up yet?
  16. Politics

    I'm actually doing my dissertation on the Cod Wars, so you can't even get the correct type of fast food. Your nerd status is hanging by a thread.
  17. Has football ever been so morally bankrupt as it currently is?

    I have many different views to Tom and have met him, one of the nicest people I've met.Also that last sentence makes no sense.
  18. Politics

    That'll go with the twitch...
  19. Politics

    Not that it matters, I don't need a degree to become the rock star footballing porn actor I'm planning on becoming anyway . Actually I think there's a BTEC somewhere...
  20. Politics

    Really glad I read those last few pages in the last year of my history degree, cheers guys .
  21. Grand Theft Auto V

  22. Laptop Warning!

    Is it HP?
  23. Sky Package

    I go online for American DNS and find one every time new ones go down. Easy enough for anyone else who pays too much for things like this as it is (MLB.tv costs me 15 a month, Xbox Live 6 quid and Netflix 6 quid) and doesn't want to add even 3 pounds to their bill
  24. American Football Thread

    Going to the game today, was at a Fan Forum yesterday and down Regents Street. Bit disappointed Ponder won't be starting but in general... SKOL . Both teams may be 0-3 but it will still be competitive and interesting unlike the Fulha...Lond...Jacksonville game next month.

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