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  1. 36 year old Alex Bruce may have a season or two left in him.Nee club at the moment.
  2. £12m !!! That’s two Marcelino’s ,or not enough to buy Jamal ‘The Coward’ Lewis, who cost £15m.There’s next season’s excuse for Brucey before the end of May.
  3. His body language after hitting the shot basically said ‘fuck off and stay in this division you fickle makem cunts’.
  4. Less than a week ago the vast majority of makems wanted rid of Midget Johnson.Today it’s been confirmed that he’ll continue to be manager so now the vast majority are happy he’s continuing.Mammy’s Boy has clearly tried and failed to convince anyone that they’ll not be verbally or physically attacked if they take on the managers job .Not that the players are safe mind,the drink driver was spat on when leaving Joker Park with his wife and kids.
  5. Why not Brucey instead of Jones? Isn’t Brucey’s job title not coach
  6. And the rest of his appearances under his dad’s mates
  7. ‘I know nothing about the spat,I don’t ‘do’ social media’
  8. I was going to say that if BUJ had picked the ball up where Willock did,the outcome would have been the same,without losing the ball the edge of the box though.
  9. It must be down to the poverty and no running water
  10. We just know that BUJ will be a near ever present next season ,unless we shift him,if Brucey is still in charge.I expect Wilson to go,possibly to Tottenham.The Saint will be off,as will Carroll.Gayle hopefully because he’s nowhere near Premier League level. I can see Brucey chasing Willock all summer and not getting him and bringing in at least three non-effective attacking players on the cheap. Are we now not worth buying for £300m+.If Ashley doesn’t find a buyer this summer you have to wonder whether he really want’s to.
  11. 20 mins to go and he brings ‘Jimmy’ on who’s been dreadful in just about every game he’s played.
  12. Just watched a replay of the goal.You just know BUJ would have got in the way on the edge of the box resulting in nee goal.
  13. You had Murray saying their stadium would always have at least one more seat than ours. Ellis Short wearing his FTM badge while hosting a meeting with African dignitaries due to their Invest In Africa sponsorship. Donny with his early dig at us. I did have a soft spot for Tom Cowie after he said ‘I wish we had Newcastle supporters.I never thought I would say this,but it is true’ Tom Cowie was never glassed by a makem after this quote.
  14. Dubravka needs to fuck right off with this recent obsession of playing from the back.
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