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  1. Shes fighting for her life in the comments Loads of people pointing out that Leicesters ground has a "no under 2s" policy and she seems to think that that doesn't apply to away fans in one of them.
  2. Dybala is a good player but I don't see it happening Moved on a free just last summer so he'll be on big wages at Roma 29 and has spent his whole top level career in Italy which doesn't often translate brilliantly to the PL Missed 15 games with injury this season alone (has consistently missed a lot of games the last few years) And primarily plays in a position that doesn't really exist in our team. Given that wages are our main stumbling block with regards to FFP in the coming summer I don't see us getting in "big names" who will be looking to get a payday.
  3. The tierney link keeps coming up doesnt it. Its the one im not enthused by tbh, hes had a lot of knee issues in the past and is mostly a sub for arsenal, don't really see why we are pursuing him so hard.
  4. Agreed, as for that evolution of style I mentioned, I'd like us to get in a really good number 6 who can drop into the centre of defence and a left back at trippiers level so that we still have the 3 man defence when we are on attack but we're more able to swap which side we do the attacking from with overlaps on both sides.
  5. We do have to evolve though, assuming we stay the course and are in the CL this season I am really fascinated to see how the summer plays out, you look at our starting 11 from this week and you'd say you find replacements for Murphy, Longstaff and probably Burn as a priority. But when you look at how we've played with them this season, you can't be sure anyone would some in and be actually better as part of this team, where do you go from this? Spend 70 million on someone for central midfield and in all likeliness you don't massively improve your league position compared to having Sean Longstaff there. The summer and next season are full of really weird, unexpected challenges for the club because we've done so ridiculously well this season, the playing staff and the style of play need to continue their evolution and thats going to make keeping the level of performance where we've seen it this season really difficult. Its going to be a test of Howes mettle, as well as the boards and the fans to not blink when its maybe not going as well.
  6. Ah Rentons bloody deleted it the spoilsport!
  7. They drew the match before man.
  8. Mullets are really popular with kids out here for some reason, its fucking hilarious.
  9. Isak would be a better option at left back than Cucurella has been
  10. Aye he had Pope, Wilson & Trippier for a few weeks and it landed us in the worst form of our season, with those three particularly out of sorts during it.
  11. Yeah, nah. You can have one account for this desperately unfunny bollocks.
  12. Isak screaming at Willock after his first goal about that pass "WHAT IS THAT? WHAT IS THAT? FUCK SAKE MAN!"
  13. Yeah the 76-83 one has always been my favourite
  14. https://www.guitarworld.com/news/schecter-multivoice-6 Well into these, very much up my alley.
  15. Was talksport the source of the £30m figure?
  16. The threads 17 years old man, the board has been through a few iterations since then.
  17. New Metallica albums out and they've been doing a run on Jimmy Kimmel to promote it. They still sound absolutely top class, Hetfields voice on this album is the bests its been in yonks (and I really like Hardwired) Mad that they're still as good as they are at 60.
  18. Hes been here three months 70% of people need to get a fucking grip.
  19. And then when we restart the refs stood between burn taking the kick and bruno the closest player to him Villa were the better side to start but they've had the ref in their pockets for the rest of the half.
  20. And then we get nothing with konsa literally clambering over Isak. refs giving this up as a home win.
  21. A fucking booking for that?! fingers crossed Watkins gets fucking flattened later on for that bollocks.
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