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  1. Aye, or theres been some indication that the fines for overspending are "worth it" and will allow us to grow.
  2. Their attitude to the Cass report is potentially a banana skin as well.
  3. Hows Ederson looking for Atalanta? We've been linked with him a lot over the last few months
  4. The vote in for these rules was unanimous, so they obviously see some gain compared to the current rules at least.
  5. They are surprisingly good at selling players, and not spending as much as you think a lot of the time, I just went back through a few years of their transfers out of curiosity and they spend a lot of years making profits on players like Alvaro morata
  6. I picked uo Star Wars Jedi Survivor last week for quite cheap. Enjoyed the first one and this ones really good too. Got the difficulty right down as per a lot of suggestions, its souls-likeness seems to have missed the point in a few places which is always frustrating if you can't mitigate it with difficulty changes.
  7. We have the easiest run in in the league, which we only get because we've had the toughest schedule up to now and we're already 8th. We'll climb a bit before its over. We've played all of the top teams, which none of our rivals have, they've all got two of city, liverpool and arsenal to play.
  8. Ref could only be bothered doing his job from about the 76th minute and blew up as soon as he possibly could despite them wasting 4 of the added 9 but make no mistake, Dummett has cost us two points there and that ought to be his last appearance for us.
  9. Given that Man U have the highest wage bill in the league, 2.5x times our, and that that means they very likely have the highest in the world (apart from possibly Real Madrid) absolutely none of them. Theres absolutely no value in any of them apart from one, Kobbie Mainoo who is being heralded as the next big thing despite having had a less productive season than Lewis Miley, who is also younger than him by a year. Them being just 5 points clear of us right now is absolutely embarrassing, that people still praise Ten hag is embarrassing, that their star performer right now is an 18 year old academy player on about 10k a week is a testament to the failure of the billions they've spent.
  10. Absolute horseshit from start to finish and I wish I hadn't wasted my time.
  11. God it really was wasnt it? Everyone else taking easter off.
  12. Just watched MotD back and you're 100% right, Gordon was marking Bowen and let him get 20 yards on him before he started shifting to chase back.
  13. Youd think that wouldve come out in the italian investigation if he was. That stuff feels more in the realm of criminal/bad debt behaviour than 'regular' addicition which seems to be sandros issue. And thats all pure speculation obviously
  14. Viana would be interesting, helping us tap into the portugese market. Under him sporting appointed ruben amorim and have become a proper title winner/contender again for the first time in a while. And since no one seems to know what a DoFs role really is, it fits his idiom at nufc perfectly.
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