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  1. Robin and Meenz are both behind you. Robin had never done fantasy league before and Meenz has rules about who he can sign. So you should remain ashamed of yourself
  2. Because Twitter changed all core systems over to X today, so twitter.com links no longer exist. Ill need to update the site to make this work again which ill do out of season and when im not on holiday
  3. And, of course, the genocide.
  4. Barring a shocking weekend of results it looks as if this years title goes to ABCDE FC
  5. Ive done better than I expected here, 1989 gave us; Taylor Swift Nathalie Emmanuel Brie Larsen Elizabeth Olsen Lily James
  6. He had a similar season to Lewis Miley(who he is a year older than), but because hes doing it for Man U in a midfield that looks absolute garbage apart from him hes now got england caps and a player of the year nomination. He shouldn't be anywhere near POTY if Gordon isn't.
  7. Last day of work and then I'm hopping on a plane to...England. Great. 28 hours on planes and 10 in airports, just fucking kill me now.
  8. Good thread abourt Barton being sued, itll be good to see him fall apart as he loses
  9. Missed 48% of fixtures...I dont think I realised just how many it was tbh.
  10. Aye Paqueta will most likely be off, Kudus will have another year with them though I reckon as he only arrived last summer and he won't be going for enough of a profit yet. Not sure Lopetegui is going to be much of what they need really, I wouldn't want him here.
  11. Surely we need a left back, we dont even have an actual first choice one now
  12. This is about as close to a bannable offence as it gets here @wykikitoon
  13. How do these people manage to keep going for more than a single window? Its so blatantly all made up
  14. Well, its really bad, which is quite funny. Fair enough if, as you say, hes designed it himself but any self-respecting (and worth their salt) artist wouldn't have just transposed that onto his arm looking like that, its awfully done.
  15. I'll definitely watch it, the down turn in fortunes after the league cup win will be absolute cinema.
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