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  1. Its absolutely fucking unreadable. I will happily hoover up content on us these days, theres fucking loads of it but I started reading that this morning and sacked it off by the end of that screenshot.
  2. A side effect of marking the starter as a spammer, I have unhidden the thread itself now but the rest of their posts won't show.
  3. Police have confirmed that he breached his bail conditions several times by contacting her, and they did nothing about it. They're now back together, she has dropped the charges. This couldn't be more typical of failed abuse prosecutions in the UK if it tried to be.
  4. Was made aware of a kickstarter that I fancy the look of, as a renter who can't wall hang guitars this certainly appeals.
  5. Nope, Caleta Car was banned for the FA cup game against blackpool after being sent off against us in the LC
  6. I get why thats been given but I don't agree with it. Bruno has caught adams badly, but adams had totally lost control of the ball himself, his leg goes flailing straight over the ball to try and get control back and puts him in a ridiculous position.
  7. I didnt say it was a good chance, just their best.
  8. They're not catching arsenal this season now though, us and Man u are their best chance.
  9. Well thats not linked properly but its certainly got a good name
  10. Considering the precedent set the last couple of seasons, i cant see us asking for so little for him. Proven PL winger who is only 25. Considering the prices paid or quoted for anthony and diaby, 30 million is peanuts
  11. How on earth can you confidently say that hit his hand with those angles?! You can't be disallowing goals because you aren't sure it didn't hit an arm thats fucking nonsense.
  12. Certainly reduced, they were already 10 points off the pace anyway, no surprise a punishment comes their way when it doesn't stop them from winning the title
  13. Im not sure about the recruitment acceleration after the finacial news yesterday. We're at the brink on waged at the moment and need to be smart. We need to use the CL to get commercial deals going so we're financially healthy enough to sustain CL challenging wages. I hope our board dont get carried away by this season and just consider the CL a bonus if we do get there rather than going mad.
  14. Marcus Thuram is a good shout tbf. Appears to be available, played most of this season as a center forward but can play off the left as well.
  15. Wanted to take a moment to address this and hopefully draw a line under it (Im sure you all won't let me forget it that easily but hey ho) As Robin has said we had a bit of a chat in private and he offered his apologies which is all good by me. For my part I'll say that I was perhaps a little too sensitive on the matter, the reasoning for which I've spoken about with Robin and that will be staying there. My hopes for my post were to get people talking a little bit more about their goals and health and to keep the general positivity that we do have in this thread for peoples efforts to be better going. I'm glad that despite my actions, you've all carried on with that conversation anyway and I hope you manage to achieve what you set out to in 2023! I didn't ask for a public apology but I do appreciate that you've done one anyway Robin. You're a good fella. Cheers all, Happy New Year and all that.
  16. And to further clarify, if a poster chose to approach the admin team about a particular line of posting making them uncomfortable and the individual in question chose to respond to that like Robin, yes there would be consequences.
  17. To clarify, Robin is not banned, he is restricted from posting for a few days. He had two chances, one you saw, one you didn't. He opted not to take either.
  18. If anyone is wondering why I said no last time someone asked. You can ask robin when he can post again in the new year.
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