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  1. I figured I'd venture back to podcast land after the 8-0 win and stuck the football ramble on for the first time in a while. Wish I hadnt bothered, they had Sunderland fan david cartlidge on but he was actually alright. I dont think ive heard "newcastle supporter" pete donaldson say anything remotely positive about the club in years though, we won 8-0 and still all he did was fucking moan.
  2. I know thats the way these things are going now but theres absolutely no way I'm paying that for a Chinese made guitar especially one whose full price parent company can't do QC. They need the PR run that Korea and more recently Indonesia had
  3. Nah but it does mean we'll have to age-gate the site
  4. "Theyre not ambitious enough, cant even compete on FFP" "the only club who spent more than them this season is the one everyone is baffled by" "yeah well...we should be allowed to do that but no one else should"
  5. Good idea! You'll never guess where Big Q is from too!
  6. I may be misremembering but was there a period where the PL required numbers to be on a patch for striped kits?
  7. I dont beleive so, but they have 15 man benches now to encourage more youngsters being in match day squads. Logic I suppose is that them being available increases the chance of gametime.
  8. I dunno, I don't really keep notes. Definitely learned things I didn't know though.
  9. Dias and salah werent booked after the macallister red either
  10. Agreed all the way through, if this result has caused you some shock then your expectations were far too high to begin with. Its funny isn't it, whenever we show up and batter people, you see a lot of "oh this team were poor today and Newcastle took advantage" and we are looking on saying "No, we made them look poor because we played very well" both can be true at the same time of course but we never seem to be given credit where its due. So give it where its due, we played the actual best team in the world today, last season they played a bunch of the other best teams in the world and made them look ordinary, they did Bayern Munich in about 15 minutes in the CL. And yes, we didn't look amazing, in part because we could have been better but also because WE PLAYED THE BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD TODAY.
  11. Tbf, Juves owners are certifiable given all of the shit they have tried to pull over the years. I imagine our lot are sensible enough to go classic for a couple of years at least.
  12. I think a 1-0 loss is probably going to end up as about the third best result anyone manages at the etihad this season.
  13. If he plays again I sincerely hope he has his leg broken the first time he receives the ball in every single game he plays. 100% worth the ban for whoever does it.
  14. Excellent assist today as well as a good all round performance, the chase back for Diaby on the counter was incredible, knowing how much pace Diaby has he made up ground from absolutely miles away to stop him going through uncontested.
  15. Actual footage from christchurch this morning. Fucking hell we were good! Diaby looked decent for them, botman falling over was funny, Isaks second finish was world class and Barnes goal was very slick. No fucking pre-assist bullshit for the new boys.
  16. So he'll miss about two games?
  17. None of the rest of the pack have the quality to overcome the gap to Us, Villa, Brighton and the Sky 6. West Ham have bought no one and lost their best player and their only striker, Fulham lost their best goalscorer, Brentfords is suspended for half the season.
  18. I feel like there is a top half and a relegation fight this year and thats about it.
  19. Still time to sign up before the season starts! We currently have 4 (four) participants in the TT league
  20. I am concerned by how we've started against Villa last two times we've played them, in the league and in preseason. I reckon they're in a similar bracket to us in regards to disrupting the "top 6" (along with brighton) based on how they've played and shaped their squad since Emery came in. No doubt this is a winnable one for us, but they're certainly capable of getting something, we were all over the place at Villa Park.
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