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  1. It is FINALLY here
  2. That break after Man City will be huge for us. Two weeks, no internationals, chance to get signings in and training as well as proper recovery for our existing squad before going into a load of winnable games.
  3. Went to the beach today, the 2nd is a public hol in NZ and I've managed to come home with the soles of my feet so burnt by the sand that they've blistered this might be the stupidest injury I have ever inflicted on myself.
  4. The monitor is just a screen, it can't do any computing on its own. Its just an extension of your laptop so whatever mouse you're using on that will work across both.
  5. @Christmas Tree Ahh I see, yeah you're on the right track, you don't need anything fancy for that. The other stuff is more for multimedia/gaming types where colours, fidelity, refresh rates etc. will actually make a difference. As long as your laptop has a port that can connect to your new one, you'll be fine.
  6. Close enough I suppose
  7. Happy New Year lads. If you'd told me 18 years ago that I'd still be on here, posting and running the place I would have fallen into a deep depression, but its actually alright! 2023s been a weird fucking year in our household, 2024 has a return to the UK for the first time since 2018 bit on the cards so its only going to get weirder.
  8. Hate to say it but I think he might just not be up to it if he can't get games at the clubs we've sent him to.
  9. Getting another CF or a GK, while they'd serve us well would be short term measures, unless we find someone really surprising who is affordable, available and good enough to provide proper competition to Pope or Isak. I can't see either happening. A number 6 and a RW are both longer standing issues in the squad who we can actually upgrade long term with a more likely january deal.
  10. I haven't seen phillips play in fucking ages, because he hasn't, I don't really remember what he's like. In my head he isn't what we need though, he'd be more like our 8s rather than a more defensive minded midfielder who will sit at the base and allow bruno time to rest/more license to get forward, am I wrong?
  11. Its a very similar trajectory to Klopps start at Liverpool, he came in with his incredibly high intensity pressing game and then had to adapt his squad and his tactics to be able to run games more efficiently without running them into the ground. Interestingly (?) Howe is still two years younger than Klopp was when he joined Liverpool, both started managing quite young in their early 30s. Fingers crossed the parallels continue and Eddie can evolve us as Klopp did Liverpool.
  12. I have no kids and live 12 thousand miles away from any of my family. Working from home is the best.
  13. Working from home is fucking brilliant isnt it?
  14. Hope those sick kids gave them absolute pelters for that shit show at Chelsea 😡😡😡😡
  15. WTF?! Steward just ushers the bloke back into the crowd?!
  16. Cowill screeching "throw it" at gallagher before being tossed the ball to throw himself. He looked SO unhappy
  17. Anyone have a stream link? My usual reliable source is letting me down
  18. Fucking hell, Lionel Wilson flying through their defence
  19. Are chelsea fans unironically singing "Champions of europe, you'll never sing that"?!
  20. Id be stunned if he went. Hes basically got a DoFs wet dream here, growing and shaping a club with unlimited resources. Man U is a poisoned chalice and surely everyone knows it. Not even considering that we waited 9 months for his gardening leave period and paid a fucking lot of money to brighton for his contract, we'd absolutely take them to the cleaners to even let them talk to him. Anyone from that shitshow at Man U going into a negotiation with Stavely and co would come out with their heads spinning, wallet empty and be delighted at how good a deal they got on those magic beans.
  21. SIgned in on google as "Lee Thompson" Gee I fucking wonder
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