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  1. Can ezdrummer use plugins like GGD? I have a couple of GGD packs that I run on my electric kit, they sound amazing.
  2. They usually write with programmed drums, then record properly later
  3. Some nerd shit for you today! Album is absolutely brilliant as well (if youre into that sort of thing)
  4. Honestly think he'd be perfect for us tbh. Him and Bruno ahead of a real defensive midfielder would be a great setup.
  5. Its wages that are our ffp problem, we were at 95% of turnover or something by the end of summer werent we? Until we up revenue we're hamstrung by pretty much needing 2 or 3 out to get 1 good enough player in.
  6. And of course his stellar managerial career really makes the point for him. Its just not the one he thinks it is.
  7. Spot on, if anything the valuations of Liverpool, Chelsea and Man U when they have gone up for sale just solidify that PIF picked the right club in buying us for $350m, they don't represent an opportunity for PIF to sell up and go elsewhere. The fact is they could dump half as much as they'd have to spend to buy one of those clubs into us over the next few years and we'd be one of the biggest spenders in world football (which, lets be honest, usually equals success on the pitch in the long term).
  8. I'd like to see Targett back in the side tbh, on slight on Burn but hes definitely been found out somewhat at this point and I feel with the cup final coming and going that its time for some lineup changes(as do most of us it seems). Targett back in, Isak in, Gordon in(for miggy) and...Joelinton back out to the left wing, with ASM in, as good as he /can/ be we have lost some of the relentlessness that was the hallmark of our brilliant run earlier in the season, obviously tired legs contributes to that too but we all know that Howe can coach til his head falls off and Maxi won't become a 90 minute high intensity pressing player, at best he'll get his head up a bit more and pass occasionally. Thats our best side for my money, no square pegs in round holes, and that team having a run of games will show us more where the first team is lacking. I find it odd that we've a totally capable, PL quality career left back on the bench and hes not getting games and we're on about buying a new LB in summer to upgrade over the player who is supposed to be second choice in that position anyway.
  9. I might tbh, this ongoing circle of people bitching about stats is one of the most tedious things we've had on here for years.
  10. Refs doing his best to "not be the story" now, only giving us anything if its in a non-threatening midfield spot.
  11. Aye thats about where I am, I don't know when we started expecting keepers to save a shot that deflects that close to them but it being Karius is definitely part of it. Commentators are eating that particular narrative up, if its not him nothing mores said of it imo. We've acquitted ourselves well for the most part so far, form and quality always pointed to them winning this.
  12. Off to bed soon and up at 5 on monday for the match! Not sure how easy sleep will come but these few beers should help!
  13. He does have previous, his final months at bournemouth werent great iirc
  14. Straight out of the Mike Ashley playbook that one.
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