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  1. aye, his nickname is pretty much self-explanatory
  2. Great work! I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out - looks very promising so far, obviously a talented chap
  3. Really hope he's not guilty, he's been absolutely quality so far this season, different class to everyone else in the division. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.
  4. No, not from Washington, I'm from N Shields. Just wondered if this Black Tony was a cult figure in the Johnny Decker / Burgling Dwarf of Blyth etc etc mould that I hadn't heard about. Evidently not. Nevermind - I was just curious cos I love hearing stories about these characters, especially if they're local.
  5. Oh aye he rode it all over but the only place I used to see him away from the metro was in shields, which led me to believe that's where he lived.
  6. Who's Black Tony? Never heard of him. In shields we had poor old Johnny Decker. Nice bloke by all accounts but a total wreck. The Purple Aki stories are seriously weird like.
  7. Yes that's a cracking effort by England to keep going and get them 4 down. 2-3 wickets in the morning session and England might well end up with a lead. However I think that would rule out the possibility of a result cos I can't see Cook going for a sporting declaration. I reckon the only chance of a result now is if India's batsmen give it some cakey tomorrow and end up with a slim lead sometime around tea, followed by an England collapse on what might be a more helpful pitch by then.
  8. I still wouldn't rule out India declaring tomorrow with a small lead and England getting skittled on the last day mind!
  9. Aye looks like the rumours of them preparing raging turners weren't true. I was speaking to an Indian mate last night who said the trend in the last few years for touring teams is that they've managed to post good first innings scores but then got steamrollered in the second innings when it starts taking spin. If England get a lead it could be an interesting match - still loads of time left in it
  10. HF your brother is LBW from Newcastle Online isn't he? I remember him and you from when I used to read that forum, probably getting on for 10 years a go now. He was absolutely hilarious online and came across as a totally sound bloke. He definitely wouldn't know me cos I used to post even more infrequently on there than I do on here, but 8 years on I still remember him for his contributions. I am genuinely saddened to hear about his illnesses but heartened and inspired to hear how he is dealing with them. Not sure why but I just felt compelled to share that. All the best
  11. Hope so - I think it's definitely a good decision to have away supporters close to the pitch, but people are always a bit miffed when they're told they need to move their seats. It's collateral damage
  12. Yes that's true, it' shard to see how they'll make this happen without people getting shunted out of their seats again
  13. Aye it's a good move this. I always felt our atmosphere suffered while they were up in the gods.
  14. Crikey. Reminded me of Walter from the big lebowski when I said this shit will not stand
  15. That's a raker animation HF, nice work. The amount of time both clubs spend in the bottom right illustrates what an anomaly the north east of England I when it comes to interest in football. If only you could make it 3D with years since last trophy on the z axis....
  16. His technique is so unorthodox, it was hard to believe that someone who batted like that could score so heavily and consistently
  17. Great to see this young kid picked - baptism of fire for him on the pitches India are rumoured to be preparing but it'll be interesting to see how he goes
  18. Quite satisfying to read those two articles an to see the palace supporters using #pardewout on Twitter. I wonder if this, along with sissoko setting the champions league alight at Spurs might lead to a readjustment of the deluded Geordies narrative. Somehow I doubt it like
  19. Does this mean there is a chance we won't leave after all? If MPs vote against article 50 will that be it kyboshed or just postponed?
  20. I'm with ewerk - doesn't seem right to me to insist on having the poppy on the shirts. And now that twat May has waded in with some total guff about not being told what to do by FIFA, it definitely doesn't seem right.
  21. "Try and strengthen in every position". So that'll be a whole new 11 coming in in January will it?
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