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  1. Aye definitely. There's been a palpable change in the collective attitude of the squad - the graft is there for all to see in the matches and it's one of Rafa's most important achievements since he's been here imo. Last time we had anything similar was the season we finished 5th and my suspicion then was that it was largely due to Coloccini setting incredibly high standards for the rest of them to follow, both in training and matches. The total malaise that set in from then on seems to have been obliterated by Rafa and it's tremendous to see. Of course the trick will be to keep it up til May b
  2. He's going to get Pardewed if he hasn't been already. He was understandably desperate to stay in the Premier League but going to Palace wasn't a great idea. There's a good player in there but, having watched them a couple of times this season, I can't see him fulfilling his potential there unless Pardew goes, but then of course there's no guarantee a new manager will fancy him.
  3. Andy Burnham tweeted the other day that he didn't abstain, he just couldn't be in parliament that day for family reasons
  4. Ah that's right, cheers. I seem to remember it was Ruddock who broke his cheek in the Liverpool pre season friendly though - the first game was definitely Spurs at home (leicester had been the last match of the previous season). Between our two dodgy memories we'll patch together the events
  5. Oh aye definitely - I agree we'll need to bring in some extra quality but I tend to think that maybe three well chosen, high quality additions would kick us on to the next level. Similar to what KK did when we went up - Pedro, Cole and Sellars were all bought to go straight into the first team and he had faith that the rest of them could make the step up, which by and large they did (dunno if I'm forgetting anyone - Mark Robinson came in around the same time as Cole and Sellars didn't he? My memory is shocking now. I think Malcolm Allen was bought more as a backup iirc). Likewise Robson buying
  6. That's a good OP, nice to see our strength in depth illustrated like that. I'd like to think we wouldn't need a major overhaul if we go up, not least because I like the idea that Rafa is using this season as an opportunity to instill his culture and mentality on the squad as well as thoroughly drilling them and getting them playing in the way he wants, in addition to acheiving the immediate goal of getting us promoted, so that when we do go up we'll be hitting the ground running. I was reading an old interview with Carragher the other day where he was talking about how it took Rafa about a yea
  7. I hope you're right - would love to see (well, hear - I just listen to tms at work) another close match like the last one
  8. Yes I think that's it - it must be pretty sapping for a seamer over there, and to play 5/6/7 tests on those pitches must be soul destroying, especially against Indian batters. Bit of a collapse by Bangladesh before tea there. I hope their tail wags a bit to get them something to bowl at, but I have a feeling not winning that last match will have smashed their resolve. They won't get a better chance to beat a top team in a test for a while. Got a feeling this match might be a bit of a walkover for England.
  9. Ah OK cheers. Yes he definitely made more of an effort than that other ugly twat, who couldn't have fit the slimy Tory stereotype more if he tried
  10. I thought they all came across as generic insincere politicians, particularly due to the contrast with Loach who consistently spoke like a genuine, thoughtful and decent bloke. Its not often enough that these politicians find themselves sharing a stage with people like him unfortunately. The girl from Bangladesh seemed like a particularly horrendous twat, whoever she is
  11. Loach on great form here, that Labour fella coming across like a total chump, not least due to his shocking barnet
  12. pnefan if you're not on the payroll of this place you fucking should be. I hope the landlord appreciates your efforts - do you do this for every visiting team?
  13. It would be typical Newcastle to go and lose on Saturday like. Rafa and his men are turning us into a very well oiled winning machine at the minute but Newcastle being Newcastle I'll always try to guard against getting carried away. Having said that I'm finding myself genuinely looking forward to the next game as soon as the previous one has finished, something I haven't done for yonks
  14. Aye there's a few who would have averaged more, Gooch and Thorpe spring to mind straight away. I'm listening to Tuffers and Vaughan now, they're being pretty scathing about Rashid, and also the field placings they're setting for him. Sounds like the doubters on here are absolutely right - they don't seem to rate him at all. Sounds like they're expecting England to get a howking in the India series!
  15. Aye that's it - very strange thing to get obsessed about
  16. This sounds like a belting game. If England can get a lead of 200+ it should be an interesting last innings. I hope Bangladesh win, it would be great for them
  17. I'm listening to this, doesn't sound good so far. The CEO has resigned as well, looks like it's all rotten. Pity like cos as a layman who didn't have the first idea about cycling apart from reading Armstrong's books I was full of admiration for Wiggins et al and their success.
  18. What I don't understand is why people give a shit. To give a rat's arse what supporters of another club make of their current and previous managers is just a totally odd concept for me, something I've never been able to get my head around.
  19. These will be exactly the same people who don't understand why KK was and still is loved here
  20. I like it, it makes watching and listening to the cricket more enjoyable imo. It got boring those years when England was walloping everyone and racking up massive scores all the time - this is more like it was back in the 90s, when you always suspected a collapse then hopefully-not-in-vain heroic rearguard response was round the corner. This could be an interesting tour, especially since there already seems to be a bit of needle with the Bangladeshis
  21. Any Blue Nile fans on here? Just came across this tonight, probably already my favourite thing on youtube:
  22. Greggs sausage rolls have definitely gone downhill. I used to eat loads of them in the period 1998-2000 then I didn't have another one til about 2011 and it was completely different. I've since had a fair few from various Greggs all over the country and they're all poor, they must have changed the recipe at some point.
  23. It looks like this system, with a number 10 / support striker or whatever you want to call it, is Rafa's preference and he's rotating players within this system. I'm happy to see that cos I always liked to see teams playing with a proper number 10. It looks like we haven't quite got the player to play that role at the moment - I don't really rate Perez, and Diame hasn't really convinced so far, but I'd like to think that if we do go up then Rafa will get a decent amount of cash to spend on a better player for that position. Someone top class there linking up with a consistently motivated and i
  24. glegs is a new one on me as well - it was always geps on North Tyneside
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