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  1. OK,I'd forgotten that one but I remember the '77 episode well.
  2. It's referring to the 12th August,when the grouse shooting season starts......
  3. Will go along with that,excellent little amp.
  4. !974 that one,the mighty Little Feat with him there......
  5. Robert Palmer dropped off the twig a few years back.......
  6. Fair enough,the stuff with Dylan was good,but he has a big rep as a blues player and I just can't see it.....
  7. I watched a documentary on Sky about white dudes picking up the baton for Chicago blues in the mid-sixties......is it just me or was Mike Bloomfield bloody awful?
  8. Unfotunately,I was Beejay before beejays were beejays......nice one,though.
  9. Here you go.....tenner each.Welcome to try before you buy.
  10. Just signed up,first game was against Fulham.Albert Bennet scored twice,and a young whippersnapper called Allan Clarke scored at the Gallowgate end for Fulham.I think Bobby Robson played for Fulham that day.I think Johnny Haynes was still playing for Fulham.
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