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  1. The sponsership money from the beer company will more than pay for the transfer tbh.
  2. Forward this to the club, you never know. Our scouting system might still be as rubbish as it's always been despite the recent rhetoric.
  3. deals like the kind of money we got for Woodgate don't come too often, but can we hope that we won't be taken to school in terms of transfer negotiations here? Would be good to get our 8m here, but 5-6 would be a minimum. 161382[/snapback] No chance imo. We'll take a BIG loss on this one i reckon.
  4. Pistol Grip Pump - Rage Against The Machine Jumping at Shadows - Fleetwood Mac. Got this from my dad's record collection, real beautiful blues, can't stop listening to it!
  5. If we bought Defoe i think we would need a Beardsley type player to get the best out of him. I haven't seen anything from Dyer, Milner or Luque to suggest they could do that so we'd still need to buy.
  6. 10. Bad technique at heading and shooting and has no anticipation.
  7. Both have reputations for being a bit difficult though, not sure either would relish a move to NUFC or would remain problem free. Not convinced either are 'fighters for the cause' tbh.
  8. If world cup form is what they go on then you couldn't give Lampard away at the moment, can't shoot, can't pass, can't tackle, slow and bottles it on the big occasion.
  9. My other concern is that he doesn't look like he's the finished article. Often these players move on to bigger clubs and get better as a result of good coaching and management and because they're playing with better footballers. Can't really think of many players who have improved significantly while at NUFC tbh. Exceptions being Bellamy, N'Zogbia, Given and Bernard in my incredibly short memory!
  10. I thought it sounded like 'Kout' which rhymes with gout...
  11. Having watched him against Portugal these are my main impressions: 1) Hard working, fairly strong, not particularly quick, doesn't jump very high. 2) Decent technique, good first touch, no silky skills but good enough. 3) Reads the game fairly well, takes up good postions around the box to get the ball or link up play. 4) Not a really clinical finisher in the mould of Shearer or Van Horseface. Verdict: A good support player to play along side a good finisher, will create chances for other people, work hard for the team in attack and closing down when the oppostions has the
  12. I think we need to buy 1 very good forward who settles in straight away and hope that Luque has a good season in order for us to be pushing top six next season. Otherwise we've got a fight to stay top half.
  13. You mean you white people actually buy phones???
  14. His medical qualifications don't extend that far tbh
  15. A few idiots should have a good, long hard think as to why there is immigration in this country. It takes a real clown to completely overlook this. On the subject on 'ordinary muslims.' The media is not interested in moderate people on telly, they are interested in making sure extremists get as much coverage as possible because it keeps their ratings up. There are other interested parties, political and corporate who are quite happy for this to go on as it promotes the idea that we are all in terrible, imminent danger and we should support our boys overseas who are busy securing their
  16. Guilty concious tbh In all honesty, i just can't be bothered reading or replying to his posts unless it has to do with the history of NUFC or North-East region, the only topic i've engaged him in where he was open and informative without an obvious political slant. 148886[/snapback] Thank you. I too would prefer to talk about football, but can't quite believe that I get such opposition just for thinking we should blow a few terrorist's heads off. Terrible spelling BTW. 148891[/snapback] Conscience, apologies
  17. Guilty concious tbh In all honesty, i just can't be bothered reading or replying to his posts unless it has to do with the history of NUFC or North-East region, the only topic i've engaged him in where he was open and informative without an obvious political slant.
  18. It's strange, who are these terrorists around every corner? What are their motives? We are led to believe it's immigrant muslims who have nothing but pure evil in their hearts, is this realistic? I can't abide people who live here willfully but criticise the country and it's culture but do even these people truly want to see the streets awash with blood? It's pretty doubtful. There are a few extremists that we see in the media but these idiots never have the balls to do anything themselves imo, just fundamentalist mouthpieces. There was the terrible bombings last year but such things are hardl
  19. Hey, backout hombre, this is a fair fight
  20. Iain M Banks Sci Fi is pretty good imo. Most SF books have a very good concept and then very weak characters. Banks gets around this in the 'Culture' novels by making the leading characters machines, then you don't need too much depth to them. Works very well though, i really enjoyed them. The plots were good, the ideas were good, the narative has a slower pace but i enjoyed that. I felt quite lost when i'd read them all I've only read 'The Wasp Factory' for his fiction, good but mighty weird!
  21. That's because the bible is an instrument of oppression by the evil white overlords. Really Alex, i thought we had been through all this tbh.
  22. I wonder, did it ever cross his mind that what he was saying was that education leads to a more humane and inclusive stance and the lack lends itself to bigoted bloodlust. Not that i agree with those sentiments, the Nazi's were extremely well educated and i'm not sure they could be called handwringer's and do-gooders It's just seems that Leazes seems to have polarised things so.
  23. Tried to answer Laz's question from a different computer at the w/end and couldn't, apologies. Hard to say what i would do, probably not what i would expect to do is the honest answer. My natural reaction would be to run or hit the floor, if i'd been trained and had a different set of instinctive responses, then i guess i would obey those. The only thing i can say with certainty is that when i'm 50 years old, i won't be practising out drawing 'a supposed terrorist' by standing in front of a mirror in a cowboy hat and whipping out a couple of cap pistols when 'the towelhead reached for tha
  24. and how many people in the armed services, and their views, do you know ? 144057[/snapback] There was a phone-in on Radio 5 last night and all those who phoned in claiming to be in the British Armed Forces were pretty digusted at what is supposed to have taken place during this massacre Leazes. By the way, have you ever served in the armed forces? 144073[/snapback] Arsehole was too loose, fainted when he got near the recruiting office...
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