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  1. "they are out of europe and they let their best player go to BĀ“ham.. on the same day" Say no more.
  2. Yep, after a competent manager had signed Robert and Bellamy.
  3. Thought it would be my fault like. As I've said before, I've stated my position on Souness many times, and I'm sure you've read it, yet it's easier for you to make it sound as basic as this. Fair enough. 7468[/snapback] You've got to stop this paranoia, I never said it was your fault. People are allowed to change their opinions and/or admit they were wrong, or they can be stubborn and look increasingly foolish, your choice! 7485[/snapback] I don't need to change either my opinion or position, as neither are as simplistic as you like to make out. Your posit
  4. Err, I don't know what to make out of this report. I hope the research of this student wasn't as bad as the work of the journalist. There is already well advanced technology developed by one of the world leading technology think tanks (The Fraunhofer Institute, those guys who also developed MP3 and MPEG). The technology is already tested in approvement of FIFA. http://www.cairos.com
  5. I think we also should give the league and the FA and League Cup a miss and concentrate on the Northumberland Senier Cup. At least we wouldn't ask too much of the squad then... It was hard enough to attract the right kind of players when having the prospect of entering the WaffaCup via the back door. So no, I don't think missing out playing in Europe for a season is doing the club any good.
  6. IE is the Craig Moore of web browsers.
  7. Well, I saw bringing Amoebi on for Faye as a defensive substitution... "Shola's never been given a run here, but I believe he is capable of getting somewhere near the 20 goals mark for the season."
  8. So i`m not alone in thinking Carr is not good enough? 7197[/snapback] Nope, he's 2 yards off the pace, and his decision making is awful. Needs replacing. 7199[/snapback] Both had shockers tonight. 7200[/snapback] Don't worry, we have Moore as cover...
  9. Well, you can be sure how Sourness and the Pieeater will tell us how not being in Europe isn't that bad as we can concentrate on the domestic competitions. Look how bad it did the team last year when the team was down to the bare bones because of playing in soooo many competitions. Sourness will further say that he didn't like the Intertoto anyway...
  10. Actually there is a link on the official site that works (obviously not the one in World section)... http://www.nufc.premiumtv.co.uk/page/NewsD...~694090,00.html just click the link...
  11. A defensive substitution???? I already know Souness is clueless, but...
  12. Pah, now as I can listen to the match, people start posting here....
  13. Right when I found a working link... It started with "Ooooh, poor back pass by Robbie Elliott..."
  14. Well, the Spanish link has gone quiet as well. Dirty buggers.
  15. Well, actually the Spanish commenator sounds as he is abusing me. Not very kind. Meanwhile nice passing game by Newcastle. Well, what I mean is that the game is passing Newcastle's defence nicely.
  16. We have finally managed to find some commentary. Unfortunately it is in Spanish. As much as I understood is that there is no way that the donkey would fit into that shoe. Make out of it what you want. So it's 1-1 now. Well we better should have bought Andrade... (can I see Moore smiling?)
  17. Oh, I just heard Milner scored in a different match...
  18. Good save by Shay Given. By the way ... Alan Shearer has just managed to reach the La Coruna box.
  19. Emre looks lively. Though, he was complaining about the temperature so he is probably just making sure he isn't frostbitten yet.
  20. Craig Moore is sitting in the stands. He is impressed by young Stevie Taylor who so far hasn't killed anyone with a clumpsy tackle.
  21. Looooong ball out of defence by Carr. That would make Bramble proud. Unfortunately the ball is far too looooong for Shearer who needs a rest at the half way line.
  22. La Coruna attacking via the right wing where an donkeylike Elliott is trying to immitate Babayaro with some useless defending. That's how to impress the manager.
  23. Well as there isn't anybody doing updates and Newcastle World is still not working I'll probably have to create my own match report.
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