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  1. http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/science-technology/neil-armstrongs-death-faked-2012082839154 Too obvious?
  2. Wolfy, an un related question, but this is basically your mental thread of everything, so here goes: In playing the lottery, which combination of numbers is more likely to come up as the winning set of numbers: a: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 or b: 5, 17, 21, 35, 38 and 40. I look forward to your response.
  3. Do any of you good people know if there are any pubs at Heathrow, (terminal 3 specifically) will have the game on? I can't remember whether they only show rolling SSN footage. thanks.
  4. Fabregas, Nasri, Wilshere all missing, who will they play as their midfield three? Rosicky, Ramsey & Song?
  5. Nick, do you understand the concept of 'average'? As in, on average, how many times were you hit on the head? One month it could be 500, next month it could be just the once (but i bet it was a really strong one). So on average, over the two months, how many times were you hit in the head?
  6. I used to frequent a forum years back that had a 'fuckwit' clause. It meant that the mods could ban anyone who was broadly agreed to be a fuckwit even if they hadn't broken any board rules. I urge the consideration of this rule here.
  7. What an absolute spacka of a WUM. Yeah, so that'll be the top execs getting bonuses of 100k+ and the plebs getting their £500 voucher. The big boys get the bonuses, and the little shop staff and middle managers will get fuck all. What this has to do with our spending policy is beyond me though, i couldn't give a fuck if he sacked the whole lot of Sports Direct if it meant him actually spending some actual money.
  8. It's £13m and N'Gog isn't it. Which isn't a bad deal, as N'Gog is a bit shit really.
  9. Jonas can't (hot)cross a bun, never mind a football.
  10. Posting 'articles' from Nufc blog should be punished by a fucking stoning.
  11. The 40mil from Newham is a loan to be repaid at commercial rates NOT a grant according to what i read. Feel sorry for Orient though.
  12. Brighton season ticket at work rates Lua Lua, and he thinks he's got a future potentially as a centre forward, but reckons he's not premier league quality yet.
  13. Apparently we're 13-1 to go down at Stan James, but i can find a link.. i'll stick a 50 on it now if someone can find a direct link to that bet.
  14. He shouldn't have made assurances and guarantees which he, and most of us, knew he couldn't actually keep. And within hours of going against his one and only guarantee of retaining Carroll, he then goes on to guarantee that the whole £35mil will be spent on the team. He's a mouthpiece of Ashley's crew, and is as much of a joke as Kinnear was.
  15. Don't get the Enrique bashing, our best player by a mile in the first half. Second half he was on the opposite side of the pitch, so view wasn't great of him, but clearly asleep for the goal and lost the ball a couple of times in the final third, but no worse than anyone else. I didn't realise Guthrie was playing and Lovenkrands only contribution that i can think of was the throw in when Ranger had his chance. Hangeland bossed our front two, not that it was difficult and we had no pace to get behind them, so goals would have come from a set piece or a fluke.
  16. I wasn't that close to pitch level, but from where I was, Pardew wasn't getting any stick at all when he walked past the fans as he was coming out late for the second half. He was actually getting a reasonable amount of support as he walked across. I just don't get that at all. Apart from two half hearted anti-ashley song attempts, there didn't seem anything in terms of any kind of protest against how things were run. I was expecting the atmosphere a bit more hostile following Carroll's sale. I suppose they can continue shitting on us without any real reaction.
  17. I'm going. We're going to get run over in midfield and apparently that Dembele is something special, think we'll get beat to be honest.
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