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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/...ace-league.html The survey is specific in it's target areas, so how many first divison footballer's can we name from the 70s and 80s who were born in the City of Newcastle upon Tyne?...they'll be a fair few, but probably not as many as you'd think, but if you take the North East as a whole the picture becomes a lot better. And we're a far smaller city than those mentioned anyway,only 189 000, less than half of Liverpool and dwarfed by Birmingham, and probably Lambeth and Berkshire as well...Colin Bell is from Heselden and Bob Paisely from Houghton so we can't really count them...don't know if the survey wouldve counted Gateshead anyway, so even Gazza and Norman Hunter might not be in...can't count the Charltons either,Peter Ramage is from Ashington too....Harper doesnt count, neither does Steven Taylor...fuck me theres hardly any when you think about it...on Pedro's wiki it says "Longbenton, Northumberland" Pedro Kenny Wharton err....
  2. England have just beat South Africa by 6 runs after only making 171 in their innings http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport/hi/english/sta...l/scorecard.stm
  3. ffs Bin Dipper Vickers? Arson Grainger the kids name. Can you delete the post with his name pls mate. Why?...don't see the big deal to be honest, he's hardly an MI5 agent..
  4. The club demanded he put one in. Yes RA, I'm not name dropping. ITK people will know who he is. He's a "face". Not saying your source is wrong, or that it didn't happen, but I think it's a bit disingenuous of carroll to put it about that he was forced to put in a transfer request. Theres no possible reason I can imagine that he had to do what the club told him on that score...he chose to make the request to make sure it went through. "Pawn" is a bit of a cliche, but thats pretty much what Carroll was in this deal. It was played out by powerful men who know the game, and the game is to move money around the sport so they can make even more money. He was lent on by the club and no doubt by his own (very dodgy, but normal by his own "profession's" standards) agent, Mark Curtis.
  5. Exactly, but read Carroll sentence he's an absolute knacker. If I was Ashley I'd be furious with him, it exposes just how dense they are. The evidence was there before anyway....the yank at Liverpool let the cat out of the bag by saying "the price for Torres was dependant on what Newcastle wanted for Carroll" and Torres stuck his transfer request in around 20th of January, plenty of time for us to line up someone better than Shefki fuckin Kuqi. But as you say, he probably doesnt realise he's just confirmed it with that pile of bollocks. I think KK is spot on, it'll be free transfers, unknown foreigners (will we get lucky twice? doubt it...) and out of contract crocks for us this summer.
  6. The tribunal wasnt allowed to award Keegan any more than the 2million outstanding on his contract, the 25million was just a figure his lawyers plucked from mid air. The tribunal did find that Ashley and Dekka are nowt but a pair of unprincipled fuckin liars though
  7. He laid into Man City when he left there too. And no doubt he'll do the same when he leaves us. It might well be a "point of no return" ploy to burn his bridges at Villa and ensure a permanent move to us. But he does come ovver as a bit of a whinger to say the least.
  8. 3 at the back seemed to be a Venables inspired fad in the nineties. Now no one in the top divison plays it anywhere near regularly. The idea was the spare man at the back would pick up the "Beardsley" or "Sheringham" playing in the gap between midfield and the player leading the line. I think most teams playing 3 up front (when attacking, only one when defending) nowadays put paid to it as you need 4 for a spare man v 3 coming at you. Its big failing was,as been pointed out, fullbacks not being able to do it, leaving teams with little or no width. The best manager at that system was Martin O'Neil, but even he had dropped it by the time he got to Villa. Thing of the past at the top level. Can anyone name a side who won any major silverware with that system?.....
  9. Fuckin mental in Glasgow yesterday http://news.stv.tv/scotland/west-central/2...-rangers-match/ Thats a midweek game in the clubs' own city when most, you'd imagine, were at work till about 5ish. And if you read the whole article it says thats an improvement on the last game a couple of weeks back as it was on a Sunday....and they've got to play each other twice more this season..fact is Strathclyde police cant afford to police these games in 2011 with all the cuts being implemented to the force, so they'll have more police interfearance with kick off times etc, which is shite for the actual football side of it, but with fuckin idiots like Diouf playing and twats like Lennon and McCoist (couldnt get a game for the mackems reserve team in the early 80s and had to go back to Scotland with his tail between his legs that cunt ) on the touchline actually in some sort of charge of the clubs, what do you expect? Close Scottish football; the only fixtures that matter have turned into a war zone
  10. Is he getting banged up?...one of Raoul Moat's mates?
  11. Am crumbling... heart and head are saying the same but.. the fat cunt has almost got me, £504 is a fuckin great price for a ST, that cant be denied...is today the cut off for the 12 month direct debit or did I just imagine seeing that on . cock earlier?..
  12. What was he threatening to do to people on their walls? The post cuts off for me. Paul proving the power of the internet by uniting a shower of bickering twats behind 'laughing at the fat lad'. something to do with "raping their mothers" he clearly has some issues, which makes his inability to fit in on here all the more strange if you ask me
  13. and now martins I was just thinking the same thing.....its a bit unreal, McLeish persuaded Carr to come out of retirement and now he's at Wembley winning a trophy. Fair play to Brum and to McLeish who's got to take a lot of the credit. Won loads at Rangers and now he's winning trophies with fuckin Birmingham City Is Mcleish in with a shout at the Man Utd job when bacon face finishes?...
  14. So do I take it England won on fewer wickets lost? http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport/hi/english/sta...l/scorecard.stm
  15. I think shes already had the English ones. She was on a course with Ant and Dec. Shearer was meant to attend but he went to Blackburn. For the yanks to understand geordie it can take up to ten years. I think your accent is hard to understand because Scotland let England have Newcastle. It was a clog in them economy I think. There was a couple of yank actors (well, one was Diane Kruger, who sounds like a fuckin valley girl but is actually German) on Graham Norton on Friday night an the third guest was your old mucka John Bishop and the other two couldnt understand a word the scally twat said Sold any good jokes lately Mick?
  16. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dean_Richards_(footballer) Very sad, canny player in his day rip.
  17. One of them was done by and 11 year old scouser what do you fuckin expect? The other one is sort of impressiony/abstracty....I'm sure you know its not supposed to be a photographic reproduction of the subject so I don't really see how you can say it's "shit"; it's the "artist's impression" of Shearer, I presume scoring the record breaking goal...but as you say one mans meat, peace and love etc...
  18. I like that who's the artist? John Lennon's picture of George Robledo scoring the winner in the 1952 FA Cup final....No9 is Jackie Milburn....it appeared as the cover of Lennon's Walls & Bridges album in the 1970s, and he also released a single from it called "no 9 dream" "
  19. Jackson Pollock, forgotten about him, good stuff like.... John Squire copied Pollocks style on various Stone Roses cover sleeves when he wasnt chopping out riffs for them....and he was also chief animator on the 1970s cultish kids animation "Cholton and the Wheelies"
  20. No footballers, went to a rugby school....various semi famous Scotland & British Lions players went there... Brian Redpath, head coach at Gloucester Alan Tait, head coach at Newcastle Falcons...went to rugby league whilst working as a roof tiler in 1987 having appeared at the first rugby world cup, then came back to union in the mid nineties and scored the winning try in the series winning second test in South Africa in 1997. No one else has acheived that as far as I know, he's a bit of a rugby ledge. John Jeffrey, from the same village as me and Justin Molotnikov,little known film director...cine buffs may have seen his feature "crying with laughter" from a couple of years back, or more than likely not : http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1098790/ Whoever said Clapton wins, unless Rob W was at school with his alter ego, God
  21. Thats the top and bottom of this, and its got them to 7th, 2 points ahead of us, a newly promoted bag of shite....
  22. L7 sit in on Saturday after the Bolton game? http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#...fficialfanepage
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