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  1. Is there trouble in the manu ranks again?....is it one of their lot who has been stuffing that Welsh bird from big brother and has an injunction against her at the moment?....and did the same player not even make the squad on Saturday v citeh?....
  2. Have you been to a posh party in Hawaii? The only one that I'd be really interested in is the church in Ethiopia...either the Ethiopian tourist board is deliberately blinding the monk who stands guard or he should've been in the running to play Ray Charles.....or it actually does house the Arc of the Covenant, which destroyed the walls of Jericho with a blinding flash of light etc etc allegedly I think it was on "around the world in 80 treasures" with that Cruickshank gadge a few years back...Ethiopia is fascinating, one of the oldest established christian churches in the world (Coptic) and loads of stuff left over from the Knights Templar and other medieval crusader types
  3. Oh cheer up for fucks sakes Theres a lot of shite talked about Stoke if you ask me.....they play far more football than they're given credit for. They're not Brazil 70 by any means, but Pulis has done wonders there with comparatively little to work with. And they've been the better team against us twice this season by a country fuckin mile. Waddle is right though, They havent had to do much for their goals today, same as they didnt v us last month. If you're not on your game against them they'll generally punish you.
  4. I don't get the reference. Then lend him your ears and he'll sing you a song. And I'll try not to sing out of key. does it worry you to be alone?
  5. The contempt Llambias holds Shearer in was evident in his comments last month.....so this isnt, if true, too much of a surprise...
  6. Nothing on the face of it, but people are often utterly powerless to do the things they want to do when the ultimate power on any given situation they are in is in the hands of the very powerful and fabuously wealthy. I bet Alan Pardew wanted to keep Andy Carroll, but was powerless to. I bet the folk at UEFA are very noble and sincere in stopping the power of the English clubs creating a more level playing field for football, but the power in football isnt in their hands, it's in the hands of the people who finance football, not who govern it. This is a bit like shutting the door after the horse has bolted (the horse probably fucked off about 15 years ago tbh) if you ask me and will make little or no difference. But fair play to them, on the face of it we may do well in this system, but even if the changes do stick and we are one of the best financed teams, Newcastle United will find a way of royally fucking things up anyway. 'Tis the law
  7. Why not enlighten us as to why it wont? Whats to stop say one of Sheikh Mansour's other companies sponsoring Man City at a rate of say 100million a season?....its difficult to say, because the framework is so vague at the moment, but there will be loopholes for clever accoutants and lawyers to exploit, there always are. This I guess Independent http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/footbal...es-2257699.html "Andy Carroll isnt for sale" Alan Pardew, December 2010
  8. Why not enlighten us as to why it wont? Whats to stop say one of Sheikh Mansour's other companies sponsoring Man City at a rate of say 100million a season?....its difficult to say, because the framework is so vague at the moment, but there will be loopholes for clever accoutants and lawyers to exploit, there always are.
  9. He's being sold (if he is) because he has one year left on his contract and can walk for nothing, if we hung on. That's the way the game is. Apart from Keegan, in the beginning, and SBR that "method" worked well didn't it ??? UEFA/Platini's expecting this to be the way for ALL clubs in the future BTW and it's exactly how Spurs did it. Going to be interesting to see what each teams "net" spends are this summer as the Uefa clock starts ticking on 1st June. Thats a good point, theyve made millions in recent seasons, then spent them and been in and among the top 6 for a good 4 seasons now. It seems to have stalled a bit when Redknapp came in though, good old Arry eh? http://www.myfootballfacts.com/TottenhamHo...y1908-2009.html The biggest success story of this type of transfer dealing recently is Lyon....dominating a relatively weak league they also got to lots of champions league knockout stages and at least one semi. The wheels seem to have come off a bit lately, but it worked brilliantly for the best part of a decade. they were never afraid to sell their best players, but often had added their replacements before they left. When Essien went to Chelsea for 20 odd million they had signed for comparatively buttons Tiago from Juventus. In saying that its nothing really new, Forest under Clough often sold their best players when it seemed as if they were at their peak, and theres more than a whiff of it around Wenger, but his replacements haven't been hugely effective recently, but there again how can you improve on an unbeaten season?...a lot of the "no trophy for 5 years" brigade fail to acknowledge that side had 3 or of the best European players in the last 20 years, but I digress... The thing is, I'm not hugely confident that the apparently very good side we had the makings of pre xmas 2010 will be adequately replaced should some of the better players be sold off this summer. In fact I'm willing to bet that they won't be. Finding and persuading Tiote and Ben Arfa were huge transfer coups in a way, but for us to keep at the top of that particular game this summer will need a fuckin miracle.
  10. Arcade Fire and Fleet Foxes too. Went last year with an old mate who has had the extreme good fortune to have landed a job on the farm next to Worthy Farm which entitled him to 2 free wristbands for the whole 4 days. Got him a few tickets to see us in the last year including Villa last Sunday where he said he had 5 bands this year and one of them again had my name on it....but I'm in fuckin Portugal on holiday this year Your description of jumping fences,the Green Field getting mashed and not seeing any bands sounds familiar...I did that regularly till about 94 when a bloke started firing into the crowd as someone made off with his stash. Hugely different affair now, no travellers,cristies,greboes rastas or sound systems....no atmosphere of violence either. Thats what a huge fence and the best part of £300 quid a ticket buys you I suppose
  11. That was the first time Id been to Milan when we played Inter. The best away day Ive been to bar none. Not just for the game, but the whole few days of the event. The beer, the clubs, the hangovers, the sneaking bottles of beer from subways on the day of the game (due to drinking ban), the AC fans supporting us and our end of the stadium going mental. Brilliant. Couldnt agree more. When Inter scored it was like a bomb going off. Never heard a noise like it, or since....until 31-10-10 Whats with the "Uncle Sam" banner in your photos?...are the Inter Ultra's fans of 19th century Americana?
  12. Whatever you say pal, it doesn't alter the findings of the tribunal, however much you try and stretch or twist the points What did Ashley do with the Milner money?...there were players lined up by all accounts, but you'll likely argue that one as well. Twist and stretch. I think you'll find Keegan based his entire case on the Gonzalez signing. ...and he was after £25 million in damages. On the other point I'm not sure where you think the Milner money went, but we've posted a loss since 2007 so it wasn't into Ashleys pocket. Soooo......you claim the tribuanl hinged on one eminently provable episode of individiuals at the club (i.e. Wise and Llambias) undermineing KK to the point that his posistion was untenable?....They went out of their way to say that he had final say on transfers in the media, then the day before deadline day KK found that the club had " repeatedly and intentionally misled the press, public and the fans of Newcastle United." Oh and KK himself too. Not really seeing your point here. You appear to be saying KK only won because the tribunal based the findings on the evidence available. KK didnt get a penny more than he knew that he would be entitled to before the hearing. And the Milner money didnt go on the players KK wanted, some of it went on a player Dennis Wise wanted to bring in as a "favour" to some parasites in South America, which is kinda the point KK was making when he walked.
  13. http://www.nufc.com/2010-11html/2009-10-02...-nufc-ours.html If you read the full tribunal transcripts you will see that Keegan made that statement because Wise et al said on several occasions Keegan had final say, which they confirmed was to keep the fans happy. This promise was only broken with the loan signing of Gonzalez. Note the absence of the Milner sale, so it must have been agreed upon. From the judgment: In other words, Ashley and co were bullshitting KK from the start and failed to make their true intentions publicly clear. In other words, they intentionally misled the press, public, and fans of Newcastle United. (And KK.) 2 + 2 = 5 Utter bollocks. All of them points are referring to the Gonzalez loan deal. Keegan won on a technicality - i.e. he didn't have final say on a nobody loan deal. Keegan didn't walk over the loan deal and everyone knows it. The absence of Milner from the entire tribunal speaks volumes. Whatever you say pal, it doesn't alter the findings of the tribunal, however much you try and stretch or twist the points What did Ashley do with the Milner money?...there were players lined up by all accounts, but you'll likely argue that one as well.
  14. No beans on top of the crust?....they were a speciality of the now sadly long gone Bryson's of Berwick. If we're talking pies in general, it has to be scotch
  15. And whys that? Here's a clue: 5.2 The Club admitted to the Tribunal that it repeatedly and intentionally misled the press, public and the fans of Newcastle United. That's a quote from Keegan's camp, retard. I think you might find its a quote from the actual findings of the unfair dismissal tribunal, not the LMA who I think you may be referring to
  16. No. Ashley knew about the debt (and lack of future income) and it was taken into account in the purchase price. So you think 132 million was including "the debt"? Was the asking price a PR exercise then in disguising a huge black whole of debt, when really the asking price shouldve been £1 or some other nominal sum?....
  17. I take it he's able to take some of that that 49 million, a percentage of the sky money,matchday receipts and any other income from the likes of advertising etc, and after we've paid the bills he can use any surplus loot to lower the asking price for the club in the event of a sale?.....does that actually amount to "taking money out of the club" though?....he might just as conceveably be actually trousering the lot and be using the club as a cash cow, and have no intention of selling it as long as we're turning up in enough numbers to make it pay...fuck me thats a depressing thought
  18. yeah 3 years after the crisis started, and a year since he ran for office denying everything he's just owned up to........... If you think the tories wouldve introduced tighter financial regulation then you're living in a parelell universe....theyve had 11 months to come up with something and theres been nothing yet....don't hold your breath on this one either
  19. Got to say that didnt appear to be the case yesterday when I spent £41 watching an undermotivated (just what did Pardew say to them at half time? they came out like a bunch of fuckin zombies) side with a near league one strike force labour against a team we shouldve been capable of beating. It struck me yesterday that with the addition of Nolan and Ben Arfa and the frees,has beens and never weres that will roll up this summer that struggling to beat a bog standard Villa is the shape of things to come and can be in no way,shape or form be decribed as "moving forward". Selling Carroll (and likley Enrique) is a green light to every player's agent to start whispering bullshit into the ears of easily manipulated players, in the full knowlegde that Ashley doesnt give a flying fuck about the squad we may be left with.
  20. I know what your saying pud and its fair enough he's had far too many chances and fucked most of them up but this time we've seen our best player sold for a huge amount of money. Looks likely another one of our players is leaving for a decent figure....this time he has NO excuse if he doesnt reinvest with quality. This really is last chance saloon. Do what if he doesnt stump up for a few proven players this summer? What can we do about it if its loans, frees and cheapo has beens which are likely to see us flirting with relegation at best? The last 3 years have proven we're utterly powerless, anything tried is either an angry, well intentioned yet directionless protest or a clique-y, ego driven, village hall comittee bullshit fest.Thats not a dig at the folk on here who have been involved in NUSC/T, who come over as eminently sensible and I'm sure there are many more out there of the same nature, but it strikes me as its the egotists and operators who get to the posistions of power, and then can't do the sort of small time "democracy" thats needed for the role. If I've read the NUST thread wrong then apologies to those concerned, but its a huge wasted oppotunity. We're stuck with the fucker, just as he's largely stuck with us as I personally suspect he overpaid initially for us and now after all his "investment" we're hugely overpriced. So we're all fucked really
  21. because you dont actually despise them, you're a fan of good football and you're hoping to see a half decent game on a Monday night?.. 1 nowt, Carroll's finally done it and Tevez has just done his hamstring by the sounds of it
  22. Stuart Attwell yesterday......2nd time he's been shocking for us this season, first at Molineaux in September and now yesterday.Nowt new in having a shite ref, and having seen the highlights earlier this morning it could well be said he was shite for both sides, but he's from Rugby, Warwickshire....the same county in old money as Birmingham and he'd be almost able to piss into Wolverhampton from his back garden as well.What are the rules about "local" refs taking charge of matches?. We'll never get Clattenburg as he's a known Newcastle fan, but older posters will remember George Courtney from the 80's who was from Stanley or Crook or somewhere like that and he wasn't allowed to ref us in case of accusations of local bias.Maybe theres not a lot in it but he was blatantly dieing to book Barton and seized his chance in injury time, and didn't properly protect the same player at Molineaux either. Mavbe he's just a jumped up fuckwit with a point to prove to too many people and organistions, but having the same local ref for away games never used to happen and I'm wondering why and how the FA could have changed or relaxed the rules sufficiently to allow them to appoint Attwell's to our away games in the Midlands this season.
  23. Alan Bennet David Bowie Humphrey Littleton L S Lowry turned down loads iirc good lads, who would want something picked by a fuckin politican?
  24. Grand national day today....anyone remember sometime in the late 80s the old Gallowgate scoreboard displayed the winner of the race as "Liverpool Bear"?....which was fairly phoenetically accurate, but the actual winner was "Little Polveir", which flashed up a few minutes later
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