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  1. Serves Chelsea right, that fuckin great pantomime dame Drogba has made a career out of trying to get centre halves sent off.
  2. Chelsea's names on the cup.....
  3. That's fuckin told him CT Would Chrissy boy be on here apoogising to us if we were in the bottom 3?
  4. I agree, he's ok but no Zico Martin tbh
  5. Parker turned down champs lge football with Everton to come here because we paid him 70k a week. Maybe he's moved on a bit as a person now but that doesn't show him in the best light. And working for Souness and Roeder would hardly be inspiring. He couldn't play a ball like Cabayae did at the weekend though if his life depended on it. Not many others could either.
  6. Correct Leazes, midfield players who are very good all rounders are a rarity in these FM literate times, but we've got Cabaye who can play sublime passes like he did on Saturday, and also kick the shit out of Bardsley in the derby last August. Truly the heir to Lee and Speed
  7. Mancy, how come Scot Parker couldn't stop runners making Bramble and Boumsong look like pub team players when he was here?!
  8. That Bridget bird who's an MP is on 5live as we speak on a select committee about drug abuse interviewing of all people Russell Brand. He's speaking quite well actually, comes across as quite smart.
  9. Spent about 18 months all told working there, lived in Tottenham and Hackney, worked ironically just north of the now uber hip Hoxton/Shoreditch area. The thought of them being romotely desireable as places to live looking back at what they were like around 96/97 frankly makes me laugh. We used to go to a boozer sometimes (might have been called the eagle) in Shoreditch to watch a 40 something stripper with caesarian scars pass a tin around for pound coins after her err "act". This was undoubtedly the cultural highlight of the area. I hear its changed a bit now mind.
  10. The only country that used to make anything of saints days was the US where immigrants used them as a tie to the "old country" eg St Pats day for the Irish and although not a saint, Columbus day for the Italians. Nowhere else did it, its a fuckin fallacy that Scots in any way celebrate St Andrews day and I doubt if many know when it us. Its Burns Night they go for, the Welsh have rugby in the south and in the north they celebrate their ancient culture every day by speaking their language that has survived and endured despite attempts to wipe it out by two of the most powerful empires the world has seen. In Ireland a day which rightly or wrongly was deeply religious has been hijacked by Guinness so the can flog more product. So don't feel too down about not being able to celebrate St Georges day, its a historical irrelevence anyway.
  11. Diarra is the sort of player we used to sign....been at the biggest/most succesful club he's likely to play for and is possibly on the lookout for a bunch of mugs who will pay him the same money, whilst he turns in bone idle and under motivated performances. We signed loads of them and I can't think of one who was an unqualified success.
  12. Saw it today...owes a bit to from dusk till dawn and the NZ slasher pic with the kung fu vicar iyam...monsters straight out of Buffy/Angel according to the missus, I think the writer and director are the same pair that produced the tv shows.
  13. wouldnt lower myself to anything like that level....Villa....honestly who gives a fuckin shit? It was like theyd won the cup the day they sent us down with a deflection.
  14. Two questions, how much has he put in and how much is he likely to et back?......the latter is a lot less than the former, but he may feel we're at "the top of the market" if we get into the champions league. Even if he does, is it fair to say he'll be 60-70 mill short of what hes put in?...that being the residual debt from the Hall/Shepherd years that we're currently not paying any interest on. I think he'll stay for the time being and see where he can take us becuase it makes it all the more likely he'll get his money back and he fianlly seems to have come up with a system for running all facets of the club that works. I feel a lot more posistive about all that than I did 12 months ago, and obviously thats down to results. The one thing pissing on his parade is the sense that we're an advertising hoarding for his core busuiness. That fuckin sickens me, as the club is getting nothing in return. I dare say if things continue to improve on the pitch that will matter less and less, possibly even to me
  15. 2 fixtures apart from our own will go a long way to deciding decide where we actually finish: Barca v Chelsea on Tuesday....if Chelsea are dumped out they will strangely have a lot more to play for against us by the time we roll into town on the 2nd May..although they do have the small matter of the FA cup final 3 days later as well...gotta love fixture congestion Man Utd v Man Cty a week Monday...if Man City get beat youd have to wonder how motivated theyll be when they come to SJP. If things go our way in these fixtures we may not need to beat Chelsea, which is the one am really not that confident about out of the 4 remaining. I think anyone saying "we've got a game in hand on Arsenal" is forgetting its against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, where our record is appalling. And it has to be said that Spurs were in a similar situation to this 2 seasons ago when they won their last 3 games to get 4th place...including going to Man City and beating them in the last game to do so. But we're the form team at just the right point of the season... and it does appear more and more that Spurs have shot their bolt. Cant see them getting more points than us from their remaining games. If we beat Wigan and they drop points at home to an obviously motivated Blackburn next weekend then that could be it for them. Basically fuck knows where we'll finish, but its going to be a brilliant end to the season. We're in unchartered territory with a new side, we're not sure how they'll handle proper pressure games. But the signs are good, very good if yesterday is anything to go by.
  16. Your vocalist sounds like hes ripping off some classic new wave band from about 30 years ago but as I'm in an advanced state of alcoholic refreshment am fucked if I can put my finger on who it is....its good, but will listen again tomorrow when am sober...I hear Wire and Television i there, but that could change...
  17. What sort of stuff is it mate?....available on exclusive free download to TT members?
  18. Getting rid of Guthrie and Simpson means you'll basically be asking Perch (common opinion on here: "hes shite") to cover the entire back 4 and a midfield posistion. Fair enough we've got Ryan Taylor too, but apart from the untried and the useless (Vukic, Abeid & anybody you mention who hasnt played in the first team, Gosling in the other category) who else is there? Both Simpson and Guthrie have been offered new contracts as well. One ever present and one whos played 19 games despite injuries. Both good enough to have contributed to a squad on the verge of champions league qualification too. Loan out the junior pros on the verge of the squad, get rid of the deadwood, and replace the likes of Tiote, Krul and Ba if/when they leave. Also looks like Pieters and Douglas are nailed on iyam. But getting rid of Guthrie and Simpson isnt on iyam.
  19. Wigan away on Boxing Day got Allardyce the sack. I wasnt going back either at that point. Had tickets for Stoke in the cup and the manu game at OT later in January but I was going to knock it on the head after that.I honestly couldnt face any more of it, and this was after seeing 2 relegations in the previous couple of decades and not losing heart. At Wigan we were singing "we're shit and we're sick of it" whilst Ashley was stood in amongst us. Mort sacked him after Stoke, where Allardyce had received a lot of support from us.
  20. Bracewell and Sellars.....if they played well, the whole team seemed to......
  21. Top 4 is what we need, anything other than that is likely to be not worth it financially. Fuckin sad state of affairs, but there you go. Thats UEFA for you. Fulham made £12 million from their UEFA cup run the other year so it's definitely worth it. A similar run should generate us more than that if the fans get behind it and go to the games. Done a bit of digging, and you're spot on Nevertheless, the Europa League does provide much needed revenue for many clubs at a time when clubs’ finances are being scrutinised more than ever before. In 2009/10 Fulham’s run to the Europa League final, where they ultimately lost in extra time to Atlético de Madrid, generated £12.5m, 16% of the club’s revenue for that season. From this very good article on the subject: http://www.deloitte.com/view/en_GB/uk/industries/sportsbusinessgroup/sports/football/deloitte-football-money-league/3dd395aa0c415310VgnVCM1000001a56f00aRCRD.htm
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