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Minge fatigue


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Maybe thats why Meenzer turned to the dark side?

You'd have to get near one first to become fatigued. :lol: Soon as I got a whiff of one - not literally, I'm thrilled to say :( - I realised that girlfriends were probably not for me...

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Can someone post it or PM me, please?


I used to get it forwarded by a friend of mine, we don't speak much anymore. :lol:


Aye, could I get a look at it too, it doesn't seem to have appeared in my inbox this week :(




Have you fallen out with Ken, as well?

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Can someone post it or PM me, please?


I used to get it forwarded by a friend of mine, we don't speak much anymore. :(


Aye, could I get a look at it too, it doesn't seem to have appeared in my inbox this week :icon_lol:




Have you fallen out with Ken, as well?






Cheers Catmag, legend tbh <_<

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"Singing is a gift from God, and when

people say I can't sing, it's kind of like

insulting God." - Fergie, Black Eyed Peas



_ __ ___ _ __ | |__ (_) |_ ___| |__

| '_ \ / _ \| '_ \| '_ \| | __/ __| '_ \

| |_) | (_) | |_) | |_) | | || (__| | | |

| .__/ \___/| .__/|_.__/|_|\__\___|_| |_|

|_| |_| 16.11.06 ISSUE 326

Free every week: to subscribe/unsubscribe

go to http://www.popbitch.com


* You'll catch your death of cold, Jade!

* Who's afraid of the big, bad Wolf?

* Charts: Akon or Westlife for number one




>> Oh what a fag! <<

Sienna and Guy are smoked out


Sienna Miller and her Factory Girl co-star

Guy Pearce were enjoying the bar at the

Gramercy Park Hotel in New York last Friday

night when staff asked them to leave. Sadly

the pair had been sitting at someone else's

reserved table. And eagle-eyed staff spotted

Sienna flouting the city's smoking ban by

craftily lighting up fags under the table.




Desperate Housewives is America's most watched TV

show this season.




>> Who's afraid of the big bad Wolf? <<

Celebrity offspring puts teacher in place


Wolf Gillespie is the son of Primal Scream's

Bobbie and fashion stylist Katy England. He

goes to nursery school in Islington, where he

is a classmate of Fran Cutler's daughter

Mercy Magic.


Recently one of the teachers scolded little

Wolf for a misdemeanour. Did Gillespie Jnr

cry or throw a tantrum? Of course not.

He just shrugged and walked off, saying

"It's only rock and roll."


Wolf is four years old.


(FYI: Wolf arrived for the school show and tell

day with McQueen couture samples to cut up...

rather than the usual old sheets and blankets.)


(FYI 2: There used to be a punk record shop in

Plymouth in late 1970s called Bobbie Gillespie.

The owner's tribute to Jesus and Mary Chain.)




The dot over the letter 'i' is called a tittle.




>> Naked ambition <<

Jade Jagger's cheeky interview style


Exotic parentage and years living in Ibiza have

certainly turned Jade Jagger into a free spirit.

When conducting interviews in her role as

Creative Director of Asprey Jade likes to be

totally nude.




Israeli Jewish, Israeli Arab and Palestinian teens

are competing on a joint team at this weekend's

World Shotokan Karate championships in Tokyo.




>> Big Questions <<

What people are asking this week


American r&b star Marques Houston has been

claming he took the virginity of which

God-fearing singing superstar?


A defender at which ailing premiership team

has apparently been taking home a member of

the club's youth team and regularly showing

him his tackle?




Bryan Adams' Summer of 69 is the most played

music video on YouTube.




>> Celebrity Donger <<

Get ready for Freddy!


Sports journalists are starting to whisper

that Man United's Nigerian-American soccer

trialist Freddy Adu might not be as hot as

he's cracked up to be. Still, it's not all

disappointment. A recent US TV documentary

featured Adu. The first US soccer pro to

be interviewed about Freddie only had one

thing to say. "He has a huge cock!"




Nothing should come between you & your friends. 12p/min

to any network with Everyone PAYG from T-Mobile.





>> Ready or Not? <<

Wyclef gets curious


Wyclef Jean has had so many years of sleeping

with any woman that he wants that he's got

a tad bored. So recently he's been trying to

get a super-pretty Japanese boy model to

play with his Fugee-la-la just for the thrill.

Sadly the Japanese boy is yet to oblige.


(FYI: Wyclef's not the first pop star to suffer

minge fatigue. At the height of their 80s cocaine-

fuelled superstardom members of Duran Duran used

to get blowjobs from male fans - just for a change.)




In Singapore it is illegal to have oral sex if it

does not lead to full intercourse.




>> Bog Standard <<

All the toilet facts you need


Sunday is World Toilet Day. Did you know:


1. The average person visits the toilet 2500

times a year, or about six-eight times a day. You

spend about 3 years of your life in the toilet.


2. A woman spends, on average, three times longer

on each toilet visit, yet there usually the

same number of toilets in each public convenience.


3. When Madonna performed last year on German TV

show Wetten Dass, she refused to use their

toilets. The show's producers had to use a crane

to bring Madonna's own personal 18 square metre

luxury toilet into the grounds.


4. The Queen has to have a new toilet seat

everywhere she visits. It is then destroyed

if she "goes".


Play the toilet game:





The Essex mansion used in the Sun yesterday to

illustrate a story about a rapist tycoon is actually

home to Natalie Slapperton and Liam Howlett.




>> Super Sizemore Me <<

Reality TV gets interesting


TV bosses have realised that actors are so

dysfunctional that getting them to pretend to

be another character and speak other people's

words is far less entertaining than their

natural weirdness. Tori Spelling's sit-com So

NoTorious flopped but the new show about Tori

and her new husband's attempts to set up a

B&B in Napa Valley (into which she's sunk all

her inheritance from Dad Aaron) is said to be

dynamite. Even better is Tom Sizemore's new

show, Super Sizemore. Tom's a coke, booze and

crystal meth fiend with a conviction for

assaulting ex-girlfriend Heidi Fleiss. He was

also caught faking a drug test by having a

fake penis sewed into his pants, which was

filled with a clean urine sample. Last year

eight hours of home shagging videos appeared

on the internet. And best of all Tom fronts

a Hollywood rock band, Day 8.




Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant are collaborating

on an episode of the US version of The Office,

which will air on 30th November.




>> Media circus <<

More celebrity clowning


It's always good when you see that media

and TV execs get things in perspective.

A performer/trainer on Sky One's risible

Cirque de Celebrite was today charged with

raping a 13 year old girl. The quote in

the media from a source from the show?


"The celebrities have found the whole

thing rather upsetting."




Rapey Craig from last year's Big Brother has just

opened Craig Coates Hairdressing salon in Norwich.




>> Turkey twizzlers <<

Mustafa straight singer


One time reality TV hopeful Kemal has been

in discussions with Turkey about being their

representative at 2007's Eurovision. But since

they found about Kemal's cross-dressing habit

things seem to have gone a bit quiet.




Zookeepers in Chiang Mai, Thailand, are to show

porn to two pandas to teach them to mate, after

three years of celibacy.




>> Things that make you go hmmm <<

Otters, Sea Otters, Death Row prisoners


Faith Hill is a bad sport:



Donna Air pornalike:



Vote otter!



Texas Death Row prisoners' blog on myspace:




The leaders of the Allied Atheist

Allegiance are Sea Otters!



Audrey Hepburn t-shirts:



Best tour rider ever - Iggy Pop:



Popbitch readers go to Wank:





Mobiles are great for flirty messages, so do it

properly. Use Flirtomatic to flirt on your mobile

Text POP to 84500 or http://snipurl.com/Flirtomatic2




>> Chart Predictions <<

New entries/High climbers Sun 19th Nov


++ Number One



++ Top Ten




++ Top Twenty


LITTLE MAN TATE Man I Hate Your Band


++ Top Forty

SNOW PATROL Set The Fire To The Third Bar




>> End Bit <<

Help Popbitch!


* Email stories, gossip:



* Popbitch is published by Popdog Ltd.


* Web hosting by: http://www.thebunker.net


* Mail by aysabtu


Dita Von Teese tells Scarlet ‘There’s no such thing

as a plain woman. Every woman has attractive points,

so accentuate your best assets.’ For more of Dita’s

sizzling secrets try a copy of Scarlet for only £1:




Thanks to: AM, SW, N, dollymixture, C, eib, pig,

MsPinot_Grigio, EW, MW, billy_squier, 5AMGirl, LT,

chopper, deidre



Old Early Xmas Jokes Home:

The three wise men arrived to visit the child

lying in the manger. One of the wise men was

exceptionally tall and smacked his head on the

low doorway as he entered the stable.

"Jesus Christ!" he exclaimed.


"Write that down, Mary," said Joseph

"It's better than Derek."



Still Bored?

Amy Lame from Duckie is bringing her live show,

Mama Cass Family Singers, to Soho Theatre.

Exclusive £10 tickets on 20th, 21st and 22nd.

Call 0870 429 6883 and quote "popbitch".

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Why didn't she just post it on here, or have I missed something?


She wanted to keep the link to Donna Air's cum-covered face to PM? Filthy.


EDIT: Guess not! :lol:

Edited by ObaGol
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Why didn't she just post it on here, or have I missed something?


She wanted to keep the link to Donna Air's cum-covered face to PM? Filthy.


EDIT: Guess not! :lol:




That's one link I didn't click, surprisingly enough!

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>> Cheryl's fantasy love-match <<

You can take the girl out of Newcastle...


Congratulations to Girls Aloud's Cheryl

Tweedy, celebrating her OK-sponsored fairytale

marriage to Ashley Cole this weekend.


Before settling into domestic bliss,

Cheryl once confessed her sexual fantasy to

a tabloid journalist.


She wanted 50 Cent to come on her face.



:lol: top girl

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