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Bolton Wanderers 1-0 Newcastle United

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nolans suspended


Sorry, my American is showing. :lol:


Replace with Duff.


Duff in the middle? God help us. I'd love to do 4-3-3 and it would be a good idea against the likes of Bolton, but not without Guthrie, Barton, or Nolan involved.


Yeah, it isn't exactly what you'd call, "ideal", but with the injuries we've sustained to the midfielders you mention, that's why I think it might work. The idea would be our front 3 puts a bunch of pressure on. The midfield has been almost transparent the last couple of matches I've watched, so in my nutty world, we're better off committing 3 bodies to doing a questionable job at best rather than 4.

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as keegan did so successfully at the end of last season. Aint going to happen with these two clipboard nannies running the show. "Emphasis is on not getting beat".

Even though for the West Brom game Hughton said it was important that we went out from the off and attacked them? And he's also played 4-3-3 this season when being in charge.

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I heard some commentary once where they just called him ''The Leap'' :lol:

On account of the height he could jump and head the ball with great accuracy,


The Mighty Wyn, my all time hero, great man and very humble.



Wyn the leap scored the first goal I ever saw for the lads, a towering header against Man City in front of the Leazes.

I seem to remember the Leaazes chanting Wyn Wyn Wyn at every corner

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This is a really big match, with middlesbrough beating liverpool its even tighter at the bottom now. A win and united jump ahead of bolton.


Cmon :lol:


sick of these sunday games


Saves me typing it out.

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BWFC: Jaaskelainen; Steinsson, Cahill, O'Brien, Samuel; Davies, McCann, Muamba, Taylor; Davies, Elmander.

Subs: Al Habsi, Smolarek, Gardner, Puygrenier, Makukula, Shittu, Basham.

NUFC: Harper; S. Taylor, Coloccini, Bassong, Enrique; R. Taylor, Butt, Gutierrez; Martins, Ame*bi, Lovenkrands.

Subs: Forster, Cacapa, Smith, Geremi, Edgar, Viduka, Carroll.


Referee: Alan Wiley.


... 20 minutes to go

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Then I'm extrememly concerned, because Bolton's midfield are extremely combative and will simply overpower a fairly static Nicky Butt. It's all well and good going for the jugular with wide men, but if we haven't the ball we can't cross it, similarily even when we cross it, the fifty pence headed Shola will afford more goal kicks and fouls than is plausible.

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