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Group Declares Interest in Takeover

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A bit of Googling throws up a fair bit of dodgy-looking stuff relating to Profitable Group and landbanking scams involving a now-defunct associated company called Profitable Plots. I think I'd rather have the devil I know (Fat Fred) than this outfit like.

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If it's £100mil in total though I'm amazed there doesn't seem to be a lot of interest. Whoever buys Everton, for example, will have another £3-400mil to find on top of purchase price to fund a stadium. We've got ours in place and paid for, and it would require far less investment to turn us into a UEFA-challenging club with a guaranteed 50,000 crowd every week. They'd have to get the football side right of course but anyone interested in buying a football club must believe they can achieve that or there'd be no point getting involved.

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BBC reporting it now...


A Singapore-based group which includes former Liverpool midfielder Steve McMahon is ready to table a bid for Newcastle, BBC Sport has learned.


The Profitable Group claims that it would keep Alan Shearer on as manager if successful.


However, Newcastle say they are yet to be contacted by the group.


Current owner Mike Ashley put the club up for sale for £100m following the Magpies' relegation from the Premier League last season.


Keith Harris, chairman of investment bank Seymour Pierce, has been appointed to broker a deal, which he expects to be completed by the end of June.


He said on Monday that he had already been in contact with "two or three" interested parties.


The Profitable Group, for whom McMahon is commercial director, is the first company to declare its interest in public.


According to its official website, the group "exists to increase the wealth of its clients, its employees and its owners, through the provision of strategically selected investment opportunities."


Time is of the essence for Newcastle, who remain without a manager as they prepare for life in the Championship.


Shearer, who took charge of the Magpies on a temporary basis at the end of last season, has presented his future plans to Ashley, but the owner is unwilling to appoint a full-time manager because prospective buyers are likely to want to make their own appointment.


Season ticket-holders are due to receive their renewal notices this week, but many may be unwilling to commit themselves as long as the unpopular Ashley remains owner and fans' favourite Shearer is not guaranteed a job.



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I get a image of Ashely spinning round and round on an office swivel chair bare chested laughing out loud while Derrick nervously acts like a court jester slipping over occasionally on discarded pizza leftovers with a sardonicus smile painted on his face, all taking place in a huge empty boardroom bereft of any furniture bar a single white phone bleating out the hook tone and a single 90's green screen style pc flashing up the occasional email offer.


But then I've been on the smack for most of the day.

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Check the source, we're still ferked


Tell me about all those porn stars you've been shagging :aye:


Couldn't possibly :lol:


BTW my Les Paul is on eBay if you want a gander, 4 days left, Search on Les Paul Standard 1998


Some German offered me a trade for a Hufschmid hand built - 9 string, never heard of the maker (some German/Swiss handmade blokey) but WTF would you do with 9 strings!!!!, 2 grand he reckond the thing was worth.

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