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Tim Krul Appreciation Thread

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Flashes that revealed his inexperience. But Harper will have to do well to justify his place. If we had a 3rd keeper I'd be tempted to sell Harper.


Looked like a man who wants a first team place. Good.

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did really well lets hope he grows with more matches under his belt would rather see him given a run out rather than harper !!


This, Harpoer would have stood with his hands on his hips for the first save - fact. Add this to the fact he's a bottler and I'd rather see Krul in ahead of him.

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What like Fraser Forster?

Given he's out on loan he won't be that useful as a substitute now would he? Knobber


Given that the loan can be recalled at any time and I was merely describing our strength in that area I think he would no wouldn't he? Flubber!

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Played excellent today I thought. Must admit it was quite refreshing to see a keeper come out off his line without hesitance and wanting to collect the ball. Also seeing a keeper not dither once he gets it and look to get rid of the ball quickly, but also with a purpose. Don't think Harper is capable of some of those saves he made today too.

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