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NUFC Pictures - from days of old.


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1 minute ago, Monkeys Fist said:

Frank Clark? 

I went to his testimonial with my Dad in 76. 

Didn’t have a clue what was going on :lol:


I’ve still got the programme somewhere. 


going by where I got it from I believe it’s actually Tommy Gibb

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Seen it loads of times but have a suspicion it might actually be a film still rather than a photo as it’s from up on the tv gantry above the stand iirc 

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2 hours ago, teni1 said:

Anyone have the O'Brien photo where he is the only one wheeling away in celebration after scoring his free kick against the Mackems? He knows the ball is going in even if I don't think it's in the net yet.


Lennie Lawrence:

"I fancy Liam O’Brien over the wall."







"It’s a brilliant feeling to be honest. And 20 years on we’re still talking about it. But everybody wants to win against their main rivals. That day in 1992 was special for us, we’d won 10 games and wanted to keep up the 100% record. To score the winner was special and it was a really good time for the supporters.


 It was the start of the good times. We’d avoided relegation a few months earlier and we had a really good squad. We were flowing with confidence and the rapport of the lads was excellent. The camaraderie within the squad helped us gain promotion."


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12 hours ago, PaddockLad said:

I suppose it would’ve been a bit like walking out at 0-4 v Arsenal at half time. Didn’t a former poster on here turn himself into a media personality off the back off that?… 


Always stay to the death, not out of any hope, (but if it happens fantastic), but out of defiance, out of facing up to it, not being a huffy cunt but most importantly not being first back to the bar to get the round in. :good:

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