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The Great Toontastic World Cup Sweepstake

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Rightio then let's do this.


£2 to enter.


Winner receives £40

2nd place £15

3rd place £9


Say yes or whatever below if you want to be involved.


If we don't get to 32 by midnight June 10th then people can enter twice, matron.



1. Ant PP

2. StoneColdStephenIreland P

3. HowmamHeymam P

4. Paddock Lad P

5. Tom P

6. Billy Whitehurst P

7. JaMoUsE P

8. Monroe Transfer P

9. Ewerk P

10. ChezGiven PP

11. The Fish P

12. jonasjuice

13. TheRollingStones P

14. trophyshy PP

15. Gemmill PP

16. Meenzer P

17. Happy Face PP

18. Inochi

19. David Kelly P

20. Leon77 P

21. OTF PP

22. Leazes Mag H

23. Graing PP


As of 8:17 am on June 12th we have a total of 28 spots taken, 4 spots left lads.

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aye i'll be in,

if ya want to use the donate button to lob the £2 in i'll handle the cash on the TT account and dole out money via paypal

Donate? Hey! This isn't some O'Flaherties in Boston Y'know!


Leazes was right...

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