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Life Hacks.

Monkeys Fist

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Since learning the "Frozen Grapes" and "Use Milk from the Tassimo" hacks, my previously hectic life has become a model of calmness and efficiency.

I thought it best to create a thread so that our resident Life Coaches can post any new revelations to improve our short time on the planet.

Here's a few to get started





Your life transformation begins here, now.

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When the taxi driver drops you off at the roundabout at Gosforth races and says the entrance is just round the corner, he's lying!


* I dropped my customers off right at the paddock and then watched all these lasses with high heels slung over their shoulders trecking the 1-2 mile as I drove out.

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It's about a half a mile, rather than the 1-2 mile CT claims, btw. Which just makes the story even better.

I think we're about to discover that that's how he thinks you write "half".

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Incidentally, I heard it's traditional to drink brown ale out of a 1-2 pint schooner. Anyone else heard this?

Of course! I very rarely drink it now but woe, woe betide the bar person who serves me a bottle of it with a normal half pint glass, it has to be a schooner glass.

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