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Holidays 2024


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NYC at Christmas is the fucking nuts.

I had a friend go to NYC a couple of months ago and said he was gutted.  He's been before and said its a fucking dump at the moment.  A lot of immigrant workers haven't returned since Covid and the streets are just messy.  Full of garbage etc.

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1 hour ago, Gemmill said:

Oh well I'm SO SORRY to hear there weren't enough immigrants to pick up litter for him! Was this Michael Vaughan you were talking to?


Cheese pizza boxes and discarded ice cream tubs aahll Ower the shop now. 

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2 minutes ago, PaddockLad said:

Volunteer to wear one of those Mickey Mouse suits for 4 hours per day for the duration of your stay? I think you’d be a fuckin natural tbh :cuppa: 


I'm more your Gaston kind of physique.

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