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Alex and HMHM

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Just remembered with 49mins to go that it's Al's birthday. Hope you've had a lush day petal :D


Then I remembered that I did this thread last year and HMHM went in a huff as it had been his birthday on the 8th (same as manc-mag) and no-one had made him a thread. Well Davey, I forgot again :D


Hope you had a good one ;) 

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Makes a birthday thread four days late and accuses me of taking the huff a year earlier about it. :lol: Cath, I just don't what to say? (I'm amazed you remembered tbh, there's no info on there). Was pretty busy on my actual birthday but had a nice night out on Friday night. Tbh I'm too stressed out about my house to worry about lack of birthday threads! Thanks anyway, peeps. :good:


(FAO Parky: it was regal king size, we lit each others tabs). ;)

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