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Newcastle United v QPR - Weds 1st of Feb 19:45

Whats the score ganna be like?  

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That's as poor a first half as I've seen this season. Take the goal out and there was literally nothing to praise. Ritchie offering absolutely nowt, Perez has won the odd free kick by other than that gives the ball away whenever he touches it - get him off at half time. Clark and The captain both look like they're going to have an aneurysm every time they're on the ball. Shelvey has played some really loose balls and been caught on the ball - far too casual.


Only dummet has done alright really, making a couple of vital last ditch challenges.


Pathetic. We definitely didn't need any new signings though.

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Lascelles is having a bit of a stinker

I've never been fully convinced by him. Hasn't been in good form at all of late.


We did actually score too early. Seems like after the goal we just expected more to come without putting in any effort.

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Far too casual and uncomitted, Murphy hasn't had any service because we can't get the ball out if midfield with QPR winning it back most times were in possession and putting our fairly average back line under pressure on the counter. Sammy first change for Gouffran, that'll show the fuckers :D

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