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The January 2018 transfer window thread

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I would go after Udinese forward Kevin Lasagna.  Heard there's a lot of layers to his game.

Just what we need. A striker who only scores penalties in a team that never gets penalties.

I heard when Ashley heard that Kenedy was driving up to sign a lucrative loan deal he tried to get Lee Harvey Oswald over

23 minutes ago, trooper said:

Arsne wants him at Arsenal it might be a hard decision for the player 5th place Arsenal or 18th placed us. I cant see Ashley wanting to pay 100k a week wages either.


Only five points between them in the league. I can’t see Chelsea strengthening a rival in mid-season, me ol’ china.

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1 hour ago, Howay said:

Aye, get them both in. 


If the takeover is happening I could see a loan for Luiz being fairly possible, if it’s out of fat Mikes pocket (no payback from Staveleys lot) then there’s fuck all chance. 

Is it allowed to loan 2 players from the same club?

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