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Which celebrity do you look like?

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Andrew Carnegie - 57% (He's about 50 years older than me and has a snowy white beard, so how that one worked out..?)


Tracy Chapman - 56% (!!)


Hugo Weaving - 55% (Who?)


Quentin Tarantino - 54% (Bit better)


Antonin Dvorak - 52% (Another auld git with a beard!)


Valentina Tereshkova - 52% (What? Who? Why!?)


Sania Mirza - 49% (Another one I've never heard of, but I recognise the fac..ah..right..)


Grace Kelly - 48% (I have nothing to say.)


KEIRA KNIGHTLEY - 48% (Whey, that makes me fit, in a way, I suppose.)


Rajiv Gandhi - 47% (Looks like a middle-aged Bollywood character!)

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Mine included Hilary Swank


Never heard of her, but what a fucking name that is! <_<



She's a bit funny-looking. Which isn't particularly reassuring. :D



You should see some of the funny looking Russians on mine! ;)

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Just done it with another one, and Tarantino was the only bloke who came up. The rest included Katie Holmes, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Hale Berry, and guess who Cath..


Hilary Swank!  ;)



Thus proving the point about her being a bit funny looking!! :D<_<

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