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another bastard game of football already - Bournemouth away

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Another day, another game of football. Our season is pretty much over, they're fighting for their lives, so I'm going to go for a home win.

Free to view on pick TV. See you in here later for all your best match day banter. 

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If I offer an employee less wage, less responsibility and have a history of lying he'll understandably choose to go elsewhere. That decision would be made easier if another company offered him more wa

There you go bringing facts in to it.   

Here comes the troll again... (not my wife!)

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30 minutes ago, Tdansmith said:

Tactical genius steve bruce will no doubt help Bournemouth to three points. 


They looked like they were running in treacle on the ground down stumps of their legs against Citeh on Sunday, so watch cabbage head start the same 11 again.

ASM to pull a hamstring and be out for the remainder of the season, 2-0 to Bournemouth even though half their players are positive with the plague.

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One of the crack commentary team shocked about Joelinton being out wide and wondering when he'll move back into his natural central position, saying he looks uncomfortable every time he gets the ball and suggesting that Bruce was just trying to mess with Bournemouth by starting him there...

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