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Squinty Steve's Surplus Signings vs Sexy Eddie's "Let's Start This Weekend Off Right" Hotties


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Just now, NJS said:

It's a shame Trippier's a dwarf - it was a good lob but any other player would've been able to head it over. 

He’s 5ft 10. Not exactly tiny.


I am of course much taller just ftr.

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Just now, aimaad22 said:

Anderson on for ASM. Thank Goodness. 


How much could we get Forest to pay for him in the summer?

Hopefully nowt when they are relegated the scab cunts

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2 minutes ago, toonotl said:

I hope ASM isn't injured because he's been good in recent weeks. And missing Gordon and Miggy means we're lacking for firepower out wide at the moment.

He knows now he has Gordon and Miggy injured so doesnt have to graft

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