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Eddie’s Rampant ThrobbingCocks vs Some Part-timers Headless Chickens…

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Have to say, had a look on one of their forums and what a bunch of ignorant cunts and I'm not even joking here. The fish goes to the trouble of putting a map on showing them the best places to go and general advice and doesn't get one reply let alone a token 'cheers, mate' then he replies to another couple of posts and again is completely ignored. Now this would usually be a little ribbing at Dave but another poster on there mentions he can't watch the match as his FiL has just died and only one of the cunts bothers to offer condolences. They're a different breed down there, I feel I have fuck all in common with them which is yet another reason England leave me cold.

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Spurs are refunding the cost of the match tickets for those who travelled on Sunday.


No mention of other expenses though. 

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23 hours ago, Meenzer said:


I love how there's no pretence of any kind of clever puns any more :lol:



I honestly cant remember the cunt's real name, it's just Something Something Nonce now

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