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What are you listening to ?

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Christ, whenever she hears it now, it must send her west. PTSD in the bread aisle in Tesco.

My 13yr old daughter has just come stomping down the stairs and demanded that I “turn that weird stuff off!”     Isn't it meant to be the other way round?

You got me.  A Priest, an Imam and a Rabbit walk in to a bar and the Rabbit says, “I think I’m a typo”. 

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The Fratellis - Flathead


The whole of the Fratellis album - currently 'Whistle for the choir".


This album is growing on me because they aren't afraid to use a multitude of different styles. However, I don't reckon it's one which will stand the test of time. Some canny stuff on it though..... :baby:


Edit: 'Doginabag' is a stand out track on the album like. Liking this one. It sort of has a mid-to-late-nineties indie feel about it.

Absolutely dross live.

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